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24 Jul 2023

Wider Than the Sea Teaching Resource

Ro finds school impossible. She knows people think she’s shy – and stupid. But when she goes to the bay each afternoon to watch the dolphin leap through the water, she finds the strength to keep going. Then the dolphin disappears, and everything starts falling apart. Can Ro overcome her fears to find him?

24 Jul 2023

Esme's Rock Teaching Resources

Esme is a small cave girl. She has the kind of voice that’s great for keeping big things with sharp teeth away but that isn’t so great for keeping secrets, like the plans for Morris the mammoth’s birthday surprise. But when the birthday surprise is in danger of not being finished on time, it is Esme’s booming voice that brings people together, makes sure the job is done, and allows the party to go with a real swing!

24 Jul 2023

Nowhere Island Teaching Resources

Hidden at the intersection of several busy highways behind the trees and scrubby undergrowth is an island, full of secrets… Pez has lived there for a while now, enjoying the solitude. She has a vegetable patch, a routine, her own way of doing things and a condor, who may be outstaying his welcome. Runaway brothers, Riley and Grayson call the island home too. They keep their distance from Pez and spend precarious days trying to survive, still relying on the man-made world which speeds around...

21 Jul 2023

Ultimate Football Heroes – activity pack

From the playground to the pitch: the Ultimate Football Heroes welcomes two new Lioness titles in time for the 2023 Women’s World Cup! Ultimate Football Heroes: Leah Williamson Discover how this versatile player from Milton Keynes balanced school with a burgeoning football career to hone her skills. From her early start as a six-year-old and being a part of Arsenal’s youth programme at nine to receiving an OBE in 2023 for services to association football and being made captain of England’s...

21 Jul 2023

Into The Wild by Thomas Docherty - teachers' guide and activities

Into The Wild by Thomas Docherty is a picture book that is a joyous celebration of nature in urban environments and a child’s imagination. Joe loves Wild things, but can’t find any in the city he lives in. When the Wild invites him to explore the night-time city, he is going to learn that nature can be found just about everywhere. There’s also non-fiction information and a search and find activity at the back of the book for little readers who want to explore more of the wild. Perfect for...

21 Jul 2023

My Heart was a Tree - digital pack

Discover the beauty and wonder of trees in this stunningly illustrated collection of poetry and stories by national treasure, Sir Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Yuval Zommer. Inspired by the woods around his home, the mighty forests that support our life on Earth, and the Ted Hughes poem which gives this book its title, My Heart Was a Tree is a celebration, and national treasure Sir Michael Morpurgo’s love letter to trees. There are stories from an ancient olive remembering Odysseus and...

21 Jul 2023

Skellig 25th anniversary - activity pack and animation

The bestselling story of love, loss and hope. This modern classic is now illustrated by Tom de Freston for the first time in a hardback 25th anniversary edition. About the book Michael was looking forward to a new start. But now his baby sister is ill and Dr Death has come to call. With his parents worried and exhausted, Michael is left alone explore. That’s when he finds him. Man, bird or angel? Skellig is more than he first appears. Together with his friend Mina, they bring Skellig into the...

21 Jul 2023

Bumble and Snug - activity pack

Join Bumble and Snug for a series of epic adventures about little monsters with BIG feelings, in these brilliantly funny graphic novels created by Mark Bradley. They are the perfect introduction to graphic novels for newly independent readers aged 5+ and fans of Bunny vs Monkey.

20 Jul 2023

InvestiGators by John Patrick Green - Activity Booklet

Crack the case with the InvestiGators! A hilarious, full-colour comic book series by John Patrick Green, perfect for fans of Bunny vs Monkey and Dog Man. ‘If your young reader is looking for something to fill a Dogman-shaped hole in their personal libraries, let alligator investigators Mango and Brash step in. With a detailed comic-strip format, lots of toilet humour and zany plot lines, you will be pestered for the sequel before it’s published.’ – Sunday Business Post MANGO and BRASH are the...

17 Jul 2023

Magic Faces Activity Pack

The magic face paints have transformed Austin, Alanna and sausage dog Ozzy into superheroes! When two supervillains, Foul Prune and Brains, swoop into the busy City Museum in a flying machine, they steal a priceless gem and Austin and Alanna narrowly escape being hit with their Freeze Ray. Alanna Storm and Austin Steel must track the supervillains down, return the gem and save the museum before their time in this superhero world runs out!

28 Jun 2023

Jamie by L.D. Lapinski - teaching resources

Celebrate with PRIDE Jamie – a beautiful and uplifting story from L.D. Lapinski, author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, about how to make your own place when the world doesn’t think you fit anywhere. Jamie is perfect for children aged 9+ and for celebrating PRIDE Month, Non-Binary Awareness Day or any time of year. ‘FABULOUS, HOPEFUL, IMPORTANT’ – Emma Carroll Jamie Rambeau is a happy 11-year-old non-binary kid who likes nothing better than hanging out with their two best friends Daisy...

28 Jun 2023

Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! - digital resources

A deep-dive into sharks and their behaviour!S From award-winning non-fiction duo Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker, this is an expertly pitched book all about sharks and how they behave. There are coral reef sharks, glow-in-the-dark sharks, baby sharks and even mystery sharks. Young readers will find out everything they ever wanted to know about sharks, from whether sharks want to eat us to how they look after their babies. This is the perfect book to surprise shark-loving super fans with new...

26 Jun 2023

Friendship Never Ends - digital resources

‘Sheppard brilliantly captures all the awkwardness and insecurities of being in your early teens in this hopeful, heart-filled paean to friendship and girlhood.’ Observer When you’re figuring it all out, there are some friendships that mean the most. Meet Sunita, Gifty, Dawn and May. They’re each about to have a summer they’ll never forget, but does growing up have to mean growing apart? Funny, relatable and heart-warming, get ready to laugh, cringe and cry with these four besties! ‘A...

23 Jun 2023

The Night Animals by Sarah Ann Juckes - digital resources

Uncover the ghost animals within in this moving and uplifting story about finding help where you need it, from the highly acclaimed author and illustrator of The Hunt for the Nightingale. Nora’s mum has good days and bad days, but the bad days are getting worse. It’s been just the two of them for always, and they don’t need anyone else. When the rainbow-shimmering ghost animals Nora used to see when she was small start to reappear, she’s convinced that they hold all the answers. Along with...

20 Jun 2023

Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Ruling the World - teaching resources, activities and book trailer

Welcome to Loki’s THIRD doodle-packed diary in the number one best-selling series! When Heimdall and Hyrrokkin abandon their “children” to go on holiday, Odin sends Baldur – Thor’s half-brother and god of making Loki look bad – to babysit. As Baldur and Thor bond, Loki’s attempts to prove he’s good start getting a bit desperate. After the drama teacher casts him as the villain in the school play, Loki starts to wonder whether there’s any point in being good when everyone seems convinced of...

20 Jun 2023

Lily Grim – teaching resources and activity

The city of Undone is a dark and dangerous place to live, especially if you’re an Other… Lily Grim’s life is a mystery. She has lived with her guardian Gabriel, in their rundown second-hand shop in the City of Undone, for as long as she can remember. For years, the city-dwellers have lived in uneasy discord with The Others – a community of wanderers forced to shelter within the city walls, after they were driven from their nomadic camps in the wilderness. But Undone is a dark and dangerous...

20 Jun 2023

Lost on Gibbon Island – activity pack and teaching resources

A shipwrecked girl. A lost baby gibbon. An impossible journey home. ‘If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve come to rescue me. My name is Lark Taylor, and I’ve been shipwrecked on an island. The last mainland I was on was Cambodia, miles and miles away from home…’ When Lark’s mum takes her family with her on a research trip to Cambodia, Lark never expects that she’ll end up stranded on a deserted island! But that’s exactly what happens when her boat is shipwrecked. With her only companion a...

19 Jun 2023

Publisher Spotlight: Vintage Crime

Vintage Crime would like to introduce you to your next crime fiction obsession! We are giving away packs of six thrilling murder mysteries, from bestselling and award-winning crime authors including Jo Nesbo, Susan Hill, Denise Mina and Abir Mukherjee. Each book is the first in a detective series so there’s also plenty more to discover once you’ve found your favourite. More information about the books The Various Haunts of Men by Susan Hill (Simon Serrailler series, Book 1) PEOPLE ARE GOING...

19 Jun 2023

Sticker Dolly Dressing Activity Pack

Enter a magical world where unicorns with rainbow manes gallop across the sky, meet a woodland fairy princess, gaze at the Northern lights and rest in a crystal cave. Use the stickers to adorn the unicorns with headdresses and garlands, and choose outfits for the fairy dolls.

16 Jun 2023

Dawnlands by Phillipa Gregory - digital assets

In a divided country, power and loyalty conquer all… Discover the new historical novel from Philippa Gregory, the Number One bestselling author of Tidelands and Dark Tides. A compelling and powerful story of political intrigue and personal ambition, set between the palaces of London, the tidelands of Foulmire and the shores of Barbados. Download the digital pack of assets to help your libraries or reading group enjoy the book. You can read and interview with Phillipa Gregory on our Reading...

14 Jun 2023

The Stories Grandma Forgot (And How I Found Them) by Nadine Aisha Jassat - digital postcard and activity sheets

From acclaimed poet Nadine Aisha Jassat comes a captivating mystery about memory loss, identity, and the unbreakable bond between grandmother and granddaughter. A love letter to libraries and the safe space they offer, this story is perfect for readers aged 9+. You can download additional digital resources and activities here.

14 Jun 2023

How to Train Your Dragon turns 20th anniversary - activity pack

Can you believe the classic How to Train Your Dragon turns 20 this year? In celebration of this milestone, there is special commemorative edition of book one available this June, which includes a brand new short story by Cressida Cowell, new dragons to meet and lots more exclusive content. We would love to see you enjoying the resources on social media by tagging HachetteKids, cressidacowelL and Readingagency using #HTTYD20.

14 Jun 2023

Toto the Ninja Cat and the Mystery Jewel Thief - Activity Packs

Toto the cat and her brother Silver live footloose and fancy-free in a townhouse in London. Toto is almost totally blind, and learned to trust her senses from a ninja cat-master who taught her back in Italy where they were born. By day, Toto and Silver seem to be ordinary cats, but by night, they love to have adventures! Written by bestselling children’s author, Dermot O’Leary and illustrated by Nick East, perfect for readers aged 6+. The zip drive includes: - Toto the Ninja Cat activity pack...

13 Jun 2023

The Escape Artist - digital resources

Waterstones Non-Fiction Book of the Month for June 2023 Shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction 2022 A Radio 4 Book of the Week About The Escape Artist Anne Frank. Primo Levi. Oskar Schindler. Rudolf Vrba. In April 1944 nineteen-year-old Rudolf Vrba and fellow inmate Fred Wetzler became the first Jews ever to break out of Auschwitz. Under electrified fences and past armed watchtowers, evading thousands of SS men and slavering dogs, they trekked across marshlands, mountains...

12 Jun 2023

Rainbow Magic - Activity Sheets

No one knows how to throw a party like the Rainbow Magic Fairies! Join Rachel, Kirsty and their new friends Gracie and Khadijah on a magical birthday adventure. The Birthday Party Fairies are throwing the biggest celebration of the year – Queen Titania’s birthday party! But jealous Jack Frost has stolen their magical objects and is intent on spoiling the fun. Rachel, Kirsty, Gracie and Khadijah must work together to find the missing magical objects, come up with new party games and save the...

06 Jun 2023

National Crime Reading Month with Faber

Faber is one of the world’s great independent publishing houses. Since they were founded in 1929, they have sought to find the very best writers and they are proud to publish the foremost voices in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, film and children’s books. In 2022, Faber won Crime and Mystery publisher of the year at the CWA Daggers. To celebrate this year’s National Crime Reading Month, they’re highlighting ten titles from their extensive crime list, including some exciting new releases...

05 Jun 2023

Max Magic by Stephen Mulhern and Tom Easton - activities and sneak peek!

The UNBELIEVABLE new book series from superstar TV presenter and magician, Stephen Mulhern. Stephen Mulhern and Tom Easton have collaborated closely, combining Stephen’s natural storytelling talent with Tom’s children’s fiction writing experience. Creating an unforgettable adventure celebrating friendship, family and… MAGIC! With engaging black-and-white illustrations throughout from Begoña Fernández Corbalán and a dyslexic-friendly layout this is the perfect series for every child. MAX...

02 Jun 2023

The Great Read/Write Together

This resource pack will help you to celebrate the Great Read/Write Together, as part of the Great Get Together (23-25 June), an initiative run by the Jo Cox Foundation.

25 May 2023

Football Superstars Series Activity Pack

The Football Superstars series is aimed at building a love of reading in young children, and is filled with fun cartoons, inspirational stories and a cast of characters chipping in with quotes, jokes and comments.

25 May 2023

What is Mud? Activity Pack

Mud is so much more than squelchy brown stuff. It’s why our food grows, why our forests stand tall, why our water and air are less dirty and why billions of living things have somewhere to live. This engaging new title encourages young readers and their grown-ups to delight in mud, to value it in a new way and to help protect the planet’s soil for the future.

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