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13 Mar 2023

The Nowhere Thief - Activity Pack

Step inside the portal to Nowhere and discover a kaleidoscopic world of possibility… Nosy Crow are offering reading groups copies of The Nowhere Thief, the shimmering debut from Alice M. Ross that is perfect for fans of Jessica Townsend and L.D. Lapinski. Twelve-year-old Elsbeth has an extraordinary power: she can travel to parallel worlds and bring objects back with her. But as freak weather events become more frequent and a strange boy, Idris, starts to turn up everywhere she travels, she...

13 Mar 2023

HappyHead - Activity Pack

Celebrate World Happiness Day with the thought-provoking YA LGBTQ+ thriller HappyHead by Josh Silver. We are in an epidemic. An epidemic of unhappiness. Friends, here is the good news: HappyHead has the answer. When Seb is offered a place on a radical retreat designed to solve the national crisis of teenage unhappiness, he is determined to change how people see him. But as he finds himself drawn to the enigmatic Finn, Seb starts to question the true nature of the challenges they must undergo....

08 Mar 2023

Adventuremice Otter Chaos - Extract and Activities

Superbly silly and highly endearing, the first book in Reeve and McIntyre’s series of rodent adventures sees plucky young Pedro determined to prove he can join the titular band of mighty mice. Meet Pedro. He’s tiny, but while looking for a BIG adventure he is rescued by the ADVENTUREMICE – a brave, determined team who keep all the Mouse Islands safe from harm. Pedro’s dream is to show he’s heroic enough to join their ranks. And he soon gets the chance to prove himself, when a big scary otter...

07 Mar 2023

The Corpse Flower - Social Media Assets

Swift Press is thrilled to introduce new readers to the internationally bestselling author Anne Mette Hancock. We’re offering library POS packs for the first book in her gripping Kaldan and Schäfer series, The Corpse Flower. New in paperback this January 2023. About the book The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo meets Sharp Objects in this internationally bestselling thriller, for fans of Jo Nesbo and Henning Mankell. Danish journalist Heloise Kaldan is in the middle of a nightmare. One of her...

07 Mar 2023

Jayben and the Golden Torch - School Resources

A boy with no memories. A world only he can save. A torch that holds the key. Inspired by the author’s unique personal experience of memory-loss comes an incredible, immersive fantasy series about a boy with no memories and a world that only he can save.

07 Mar 2023

Wider than the Sea - School Resources

The powerful tale of a girl who feels broken, and the dolphin who makes her whole. A story of friendship, hope and self-discovery, perfect for readers aged 9+, and beautifully illustrated in black and white by George Ermos. Ró finds school impossible. She knows people think she’s shy – and stupid. But when she goes to the bay each afternoon to watch the dolphin leap through the water, she finds the strength to keep going. Then the dolphin disappears, and everything starts falling apart. Can...

02 Mar 2023

Gecko Press - publisher spotlight

Gecko Press is an independent, small-by-choice, publisher of children’s books translated from books by some of the best writers and illustrators in the world since 2004. We choose books excellent in story, illustration and design, with a strong heart factor, and that can be read hundreds of times. Based in New Zealand, we are by nature an international business, both in what we publish and where we sell our books. Gecko Press has been represented in the UK by Bounce Sales & Marketing for...

01 Mar 2023

Magic Faces, Heroes of the Pirate Ship by Esi Merleh - Activity Pack

Check out this activity pack for HEROES OF THE PIRATE SHIP by ESI MERLEH, an exciting adventure for 5-8 year olds. About the book Austin, Alanna, and sausage dog Ozzy have been transformed into pirates! Their mission is to find a golden treasure chest before their time in this world runs out. When two very suspicious pirates climb aboard the New Leaf ship and start snooping around, Austin and Alanna know they must help their crewmates… can they save the ship and complete their mission on time?

21 Feb 2023

All the Wonderful Ways to Read by Laura Baker and Sandra De La Prada - activity pack and author video

Books take us on journeys that we can all share, And give us the power to go anywhere! So no matter just how, or what book, or your speed, what I wish for NOW… Is that YOU love to read! To celebrate the joy of reading, Little Tiger are offering schools and libraries the chance to download a bundle of All the Wonderful Ways to Read resources – perfect for inspiring little readers on World Book Day and beyond! Each pack includes: - A poster - Reading Journal activity pages - Reading...

21 Feb 2023

I Really Really Love You So by Karl Newson and Duncan Beedie – activity pack and author video

‘Glorious! One of those books that simply makes you happy!’ – Lu Fraser, author of The Littlest Yak The hilarious sequel to the bestselling picture book I Really, Really Need a Wee, by dynamic duo Karl Newson and Duncan Beedie, will not disappoint fans of this cute and curious Bush Baby. Bush Baby is back and has something really, really important to say, but how?! From climbing a mountain, to wrestling with crocodiles, this story is packed with extreme and exciting ways to show a special...

17 Feb 2023

Winchelsea by Alex Preston - digital assets and display competition

AS READ ON BBC RADIO 4 A SPECTATOR BEST OF THE YEAR – AS CHOSEN BY REVIEWERS In eighteenth-century Sussex, a young girl seeks revenge for the death of her father – an intoxicating historical novel that explores Southern England’s smuggling past. The year is 1742. Goody Brown, saved from drowning and adopted when just a babe, has grown up happily in the smuggling town of Winchelsea. But when she turns sixteen, her father is murdered by men he thought were friends. In a town where lawlessness...

17 Feb 2023

Bob Vs the Selfie Zombies Book by Andy Jones - digital assets

Bob is a time traveller. He doesn’t know WHY and he can’t control WHEN. But he does know it always happens at the worst moments. Like when he’s in the bath…Awkward! But when Bob jumps twenty years forward in time and meets his future self trying to survive a world overrun with zombies, he knows he’s got to change the present to save the future. If only he could figure out how… Packed with incredible imagination, humour and lots of brains, Bob vs the Selfie Zombies is the rare kind of story...

17 Feb 2023

Wonders of the World booklist for children and young people

March 3 is World Wildlife Day, a United Nations International day to celebrate all the world’s wild animals and plants and the contribution that they make to our lives and the health of the planet. We’re joining the celebration with our Wonders of the World booklist for children and young people. It’s definitely one to go wild about!

17 Feb 2023

Wonders of the World booklist for adults

March 3 is World Wildlife Day, a United Nations International day to celebrate all the world’s wild animals and plants and the contribution that they make to our lives and the health of the planet. We’re joining the celebration with our Wonders of the World booklist. It’s definitely one to go wild about!

16 Feb 2023

Who Ate All the Bugs? by Matty Long - bug hunt activity sheet

Take part in a bug hunt to explore the true and gory story of the food chain…. Snail is on a mission. Bugs are being eaten all around her and Snail is determined to hunt down the culprit. But is it a lost cause? Maybe Snail just can’t fight the food chain. Acclaimed picture book creator, Matty Long, brings his hallmark talents of deadpan comedy, witty commentary, and hilarious illustrations to elucidate the real life realities of invertebrate existence! In this fascinating and slightly...

15 Feb 2023

To The Other Side by Erika Meza - Teaching Notes & Resources

To The Other Side is a powerful and timely picture book about two refugee children who leave their home in search of safety. Perfect for opening up conversations about conflict and war, encouraging empathy and understanding. A young boy and his older sister have left home to play a game. To win, she tells him, they must travel across endless lands together and make it to the finish line. Children they meet along the way imagine what might be waiting for them across the border: A spotted dog?...

13 Feb 2023

What the World Doesn't See Discussion Notes

Discussion notes for the powerful and insightful novel about grief, disability and first love; a story about getting lost and finding yourself.

13 Feb 2023

The Song Walker Teaching Notes

This Teachers’ Pack takes children on a journey of discovery as they step into the enchanting world of The Song Walker, an extraordinary new book by Zillah Bethell, author of The Shark Caller.

09 Feb 2023

A Beginner’s Guide to Ruling the Galaxy - Resources for libraries

A brilliantly funny story of what happens when a galactic princess moves in next door and almost brings about the end of the world. Exciting new fiction from the bestselling, award-winning author of My Brother is a Superhero. Gavin’s got a new neighbour and she’s really annoying. Niki follows him everywhere, bosses him about, and doesn’t care that her parents will obliterate Earth with their galactic warships if she doesn’t stop running away from them. Can Niki and Gavin sort out the alien...

08 Feb 2023

Food Fight Colouring Sheet

Colour in the fruits and vegetables on our Food Fight activity sheet.

08 Feb 2023

How to Make a Story Activity Sheet

When Milo decides he’s going to tell a story, it seems like a great idea. The only problem is that he’s not sure how to start… what to put in the middle… or how to end it. With a little help from his family, some real-life inspiration, and a lot of imagination, Milo’s story is soon off to a flying start. If only his little brother and sister weren’t getting in the way. But then Milo learns the most important lesson of all about stories – that they are made to be shared.

06 Feb 2023

The Reading Agency’s February booklist for Adults – Translated Books

On 21 February it is Mother Language Day so this month we have created a booklist of some terrific, translated books to enjoy. Each book has been translated from their original language or are available in translation. Don’t forget to tell us what you thought of any of the books on the list by tagging us on social media using #booklist and tagging @readingagency!

02 Feb 2023

The Reading Agency’s February booklist for Children and Young People – Translated Books

On 21 February it is Mother Language Day so this month we have created a booklist of some terrific, translated books for children and young people to enjoy. Each book has been translated from their original language or are available in translation. From picture books to poetry to graphic novels, there’s something for young readers of all ages from across the globe. Don’t forget to tell us what you thought of any of the books on the list by tagging us on social media using #booklist and...

02 Feb 2023

Trying Times for Sebastian Scattergood by Keith Rylands-Bolton - digital pack

Set in a small village in the Lincolnshire Wolds, Trying Times for Sebastian Scattergood is a chronicle of a horrendous year, narrated by an earnest and pompous man who lacks any sense of self-irony. Part disaster diary, part social satire, it is a novel of literary fiction which is both humorous and moving in equal measure. The digital pack includes: • Downloadable/printable letters from Sebastian to the reader • Downloadable selection of photos of the author that are relevant to the book,...

01 Feb 2023

All About Us from Usborne - Teaching Resources

The All About Set is perfect for helping little children learn about and navigate through confusing topics. The wonderfully illustrated books offer a reassuring and friendly take on these complex matters, making this set a must have for every child. This set includes the following titles: All About Feelings All About Families All About Diversity All About Friends Find out more about the series here.

01 Feb 2023

The Tiger Who Sleeps Under My Chair by Hannah Foley - Teachers' Resources

Steeped in the natural history of Mary Anning’s Jurassic Coast, a powerful dual-timeline story about friendship, mental health and hidden stories. Emma Linden dreams of following in the footsteps of the famous fossil-hunter, Mary Anning. But when her brother James becomes obsessed with a tiger at the museum, Emma’s world begins to spiral… After Rosie falls ill, she discovers family secrets buried like layers of rock in the Jurassic Coast. With her new friend Jude, they must sift the past to...

27 Jan 2023

A Better Day by Dr Alex George - downloadable resources

What if we could think of mental health in a positive way? In this empowering and hopeful handbook, Youth Mental Health Ambassador Dr Alex George is here to show us how. A Better Day is a positive, accessible and practical toolkit guiding young readers in how they can care for their mental health with confidence. This book provides all the scaffolding and practical techniques to help children deal with everything from peer pressure to exam stress to online trolls, and help them look toward...

25 Jan 2023

The Bird Singers and The Wildstorm Curse by Eve Wersocki Morris - school resources

A fabled witch. A powerful curse. A monster out for revenge. Kallie dreams of becoming a playwright and is determined that her dyslexia won’t hold her back. But when rehearsals begin at Wildstorm Theatre Summer Camp and strange, scary things start happening to her and her new friends, Kallie will discover that stories are more powerful than she’d ever imagined… A thrilling supernatural mystery about the power of storytelling from the author of The Bird Singers, Eve Wersocki Morris

23 Jan 2023

The Reading Agency’s January booklist for Adults – Books to Make you Laugh

January marks the beginning of a new year and we want to kick 2023 with lots of laughter. Escape into a world of humour and don’t forget to tell us what you thought of any of the books on the list by tagging us on social media using #booklist and tagging @readingagency!

23 Jan 2023

The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams by Shane Hegarty and Jeff Crowther - activities

One of the funniest books you’ll read this year, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine. Welcome to the Shop of Impossible Ice Creams! Step inside to discover a delicious world of magical adventure, from bestselling author Shane Hegarty. First in a comic, heart-warming illustrated series, for 7+ readers. Limpet’s mum is opening an ice-cream shop, full of her favourite new flavours: mushroom and tuna ice cream, anyone? Roast parsnip and gravy? Limpet’s not sure about...

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