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Join the Road to Reading

On 23 April we’re celebrating World Book Night, the annual celebration of reading for adults and young people run by the team here at The Reading Agency,

World Book Night brings together people from across the country to share the joy of reading and the benefits it brings to all of our lives. Many reading group members are already enthusiastic readers; you know how reading can help you relax, escape the worries of everyday life, and bring you together with others.

This year, we’re inviting everyone to join the Road to Reading, where you’ll pledge to reading for 30 minutes every week for 10 weeks. Each week we’ll share advice, reading recommendations and more, while keeping an eye on your progress to help you along the way. Your reading journey will also form part of a national reading research project, helping us to transform the lives of more people across the UK.

If you have a friend, family member or colleague who wants to read more, but is finding it difficult to get started, bring them along on the Road to Reading.

According to research, adults who read for just 30 minutes a week are:

  • 20% more likely to report greater life satisfaction.
  • 18% more likely to have higher self-esteem.
  • 52% more likely to feel socially included and 37% more likely to get greater pleasure out of their social life.

Find out more and sign up today.


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The Radio 2 Book Club on the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show

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How to start a reading group

Interested in joining a reading group or starting one of your own? Download our quick guide to getting started. You can also download icebreaker questions to help get your discussion started, and a social media guide to show how you can share your reading with others online.


Hive and The Reading Agency

The Reading Agency loves books, in every form, and we know you do too. We love it when people borrow books in every format from their brilliant local libraries. We love it when reading groups get exclusive free proofs from our publisher partners. We love it when readers pick up a pre-loved book from a second-hand bookshop for a song. And we also love it when you buy yourself or someone else a brand new book from a high street bookshop. We also know that buying online is quick and convenient...

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