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Run by Karen Court Library service Birmingham City Council - Libraries

We are a group of a few former and some current employees of the BIG Lottery Fund in Birmingham. Due to a reshuffle of things at 'BIG' some of us have left for pastures new but such is our dedication to the group, that we have decided to keep the group going. We are an all female group at present but are open and keen for any male members who would wish to join. We are a diverse group of gals with many differing tastes, hobbies, likes, dislikes and foibles! This makes for an interesting mix of different genre and some lively discussions fueled and possibly improved by a glass of wine or two! We meet approximately once a month at the 'local' to discuss our latest book... and a great time is had by all!

We meet at: Highfield road, Birmingham, West midlands, B15 1TR

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