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This group is for you ! Join us and we will select a book of your and our interest and start reading it and lay down a way of comfort and knowledge for each one of us ! Live your life as you never thought to be, we will build it with words, tears of happiness and laughs ... We're seeking to have people like you, who love to share their experience and expand their horizons with the experience of others! We will meet on Skype and Chat together, we don't mind you stay anonymous, what matters most is your mind and heart, they're the one on which lives will be built :) Send us the list of books (Max 5) you want us to add it to the voting pool immediately, our email is below ! Follow us on twitter and add us to your Skype contact list ! As the group gets populated more with members, we will contact you shortly on when it will launch and how it will be collaboratively managed. Here you go .. Skype ID: life.d.g Gmail: Twitter: @life_d_g

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