Clifton Park Residents\' Association Book Club


Virtual group Meets on Thursday, monthly, 3rd, 14:00-15:45

Run by Christopher John Bridgman Library service

Clifton Park is a residential estate at the Eastern end of Cromer next to the East Runton Parish boundary. There are 85 privately owned homes i(including a few rented or used only in the summer) and a proportion of households come regularly to the bllk club although many others read the book choice each session. Some people who have moved away from the estate but are still within easy driving distance of us still attend. We liaise with Cromer Library\'s representative who is responsible for reading groups throughout the county of Norfolk. Discussions are always lively and wide-ranging and we often find that, though the book we have read is a jumping-off point to fuel debate, discussion and exchanges of views, we often wander far from the title and its subject matter. This makes our meetings vital and enjoyable and members regularly comment favourably to us on their enjoyment anof and satisfaction with our meetings.

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