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My Funny Family Gets Bigger

My Funny Family Gets Bigger by Chris Higgins, and Lee Wildish

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By Chris Higgins, and and, Lee Wildish

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The third book in the hilarious and heart-warming young series about the chaotic life of the Butterfield family.

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07 Aug 2023

Liked book

18 Jul 2023

This was an awesome book I couldn't put it down it was just amazing. My favorite character is V a.k.a Vera Lynn. Because even though she was naughty it was because she was jealous and couldn't see properly but nobody knew that.

16 Jul 2023

It was fiction.matty was the best. It was funny.i recommend it.

16 Aug 2022


02 Sep 2021

I thought this book was great I loved the bit where they saw there new baby brother for the first time and I’m glad v got glasses and she can read and enjoy reading for the rest of her life

18 Aug 2021

Funny, but a bit short.

16 Aug 2021


14 Aug 2021

I really liked it.

27 Jul 2021

I liked this book because when they decide the name, which is really funny. I use to like Mattie the best, until Baby Will Came. I would recommend it to my friends.

25 Jul 2021

It was a great follow up from my funny family and my favourite character was Stanley and V because Stanley gets a reading award and V gets glasses like me. I recommend this to 7-10 year olds

20 Jul 2021

I would recommend this to people who enjoy friendship and uniting

07 Jan 2021

I loved reading this book and hated the thought of finishing.
My favourite character was V because she’s not afraid to stand up for herself.
I’d recommend it to anyone.

04 Sep 2020

It is hilarious and funny

27 Aug 2020

very funny

19 Aug 2020

As christmas comes closer the baby in Mattie's mum's tummy gets bigger and bigger. On top of that, V is acting realy weird. I think this book is really good and recommend it two anyone. All the charectors are so good, I can't choose the best!

19 Aug 2020

I loved this book because it continued on from the previous story. I especially liked that the baby was called Will, which reminded me of Will from their Cornwall holiday.

11 Aug 2020

Yes if you like Family books.

28 Jul 2020

Last (so far) in the series about a girl who worries a lot & her family; this one tells the story of their Christmas holidays.
I recommend it because I like the worry lists.

21 Jul 2020

i liked jelico and will

17 Jul 2020

It was interesting and I liked the children’s names

22 Dec 2019

i enjoyed this book as it showed how each member of the family changed and got different. the family had another baby and celebrated christmas in the same day

20 Jul 2019

I like the way Mattie explains things about her family.

02 Sep 2018

A witty story about funny family life- prepare for chaos it is a very busy family. :]

03 Jan 2018

Its AMAZING and funny

27 Oct 2017

I like this book because it is funny

05 Sep 2017

a bigger family for mattie to deal with and beig vegitarian is hard especially as a big meat eater

01 Sep 2017

It's got drama in it and I like drama

25 Aug 2017

In My Funny Family Grows Bigger, Mattie and her four siblings are about to start a new term at their school. Mattie is very worried about her siblings starting school but everything seems to go smoothly until her sister starts sitting on the school’s naughty chair. However, by Christmas everything is sorted out and they enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner. Then just after dinner the family get a brilliant surprise, they have a new baby who they name Will.

21 Aug 2017

The grandma does the slips and they make a YouTube channel

19 Aug 2017

Matei lives with a very big family and it would be getting even bigger seeing as her mom will soon be giving birth to her new brother. Read this classic chaotic and crazy story and follow in Mateis footsteps to see how annoying life in a big family can be.

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