When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr

By Judith Kerr

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Partly autobiographical, this is first of the internationally acclaimed trilogy by Judith Kerr telling the unforgettable story of a Jewish family fleeing from Germany at the start of the Second World War


09 Sep 2018

This story is all about a girl called Anna and she lives in Berlin but her Papa is wanted by the Nazis dead or alive. Anna and her brother, Max, who is 2 years older than her, have to try and escape the Nazis because they are Jewish. Anna and Max will have a adventure of a lifetime.

26 Jan 2018

It is a very confusing book!!

03 Aug 2017


02 Aug 2017

The book is good but the story is quite sad

01 Sep 2016

first book to start me of world war history

11 Dec 2015

this is an amazing book as are all of Judith Kerr's books . She has captured what really happened so clearly you can imagine being there yourself.

01 Sep 2015

Interesting and sad. It really reflects the emotions of the character.

31 Aug 2015

You should read this imaginative book because, it is about a young girl living through the war, but not the English war the german war. Anne goes on adventures to all diffrent countries with her Mamma, Pappa and older brother max.

28 Jul 2015

Very good book. I found it very interesting. It was fun hear about Hitler from a child and her parents.

18 Jul 2015

It is a really interesting description of life as an anti-Nazi German pre and during the war. Knowing it is also based on a real life story also adds depth to the whole book and story. A brilliant book to read if you want to get a German's viewpoint of the Second World War - explores lots of new concepts and ideas. Just a completely amazing read!

21 May 2015

Do you like historic story's? Then this book is a brilliant read for you.

26 Mar 2015

Best book ever!!!

17 Dec 2014

It is a sad but enjoyable book just make sure a packet of tissues is near by!!!

09 Oct 2014

A very good book....

03 Sep 2014

This book was amazing. I couldn't put the book down for a second because it was so intruiging. Anna's life turns from great to living in a tiny house in Paris because Hitler won the elections, the Nazis were threatening to to take their passports away.

24 Jul 2014

This is a heartwarming tale about a young girl who lived in Germany just before WW2. She escapes to Switzerland, but she has to choose between two toys, her pink rabbit and a brand new stuffed dog... I recommend to all ages.

24 Jun 2014

An excellent tale based on the real life story of the author of the Tiger who Came to Tea. It provides an interesting perspective on the life of a child in Germany who had to escape because of what was happening to people of her religion.

24 Jun 2014

I was so sad to finish this book. It was so good that I wanted it to go on and on forever.

24 Jun 2014

a fantastic story from a refuges point of view in the war.

24 Jun 2014

It is a true story

24 Jun 2014

This story from WW2 is amazing! I can also recommend the second, Bombs on aunt dainty.

24 Jun 2014

Very good book. I couldn't stop reading it. An amazing book for history fanatics!

23 Jun 2014

This book is amazing I love it! The wording creates a picture of what is must have been like for Anna and Max

23 Jun 2014

it's interesting

23 Jun 2014

I think this book is great and that if you love history this is the book for you. It is a great description of the Second World War and what happened to a girl and her family during that time. They are fleeing Germany as refugees because they are Jews. It's quite a short book and doesn't take long to read. I love it!

23 Jun 2014

Well...I found this book boring most of the time but some bits were fantastic .Mostly I found this book very soppy.

20 Jun 2014

It may look boring but it was actually a really good book. It was amazing how quickly Anna and Max learnt all the languages. I want to read Bombs on Aunt Dainty which comes after this book.

20 Jun 2014

Real live story about a Jude

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