Sterling and the Canary

Sterling and the Canary by Andy Stanton, and Ross Collins

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By Andy Stanton, and and, Ross Collins

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Sterling tries desperately to woo the beautiful new girl, Lizzie Harris. Luckily a canary turns up with some excellent advice. Hilarious comedy from the author of the Mr Gum books.


26 Aug 2018

This book is about someone called Sterling. He wanted to be friends with Lizzie , but she told him to pass three tests to become friends. So he told a canary to help him with his tests by whispering the answers. He also had a boring weekend, because he didn't play with his friend Doctor Edward Macintosh. His friend helped him with one of this tests, but he didn't listen. I liked it when the canary helped him. I didn't like when Sterling did not listen to his friend.

05 Aug 2017

I just found it a it boring

11 Aug 2014

Enjoyed this book!

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