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The Enormous Crocodile

The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl, and Quentin Blake

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By Roald Dahl, and and, Quentin Blake

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The Enormous Crocodile boasts that he is going to eat a child for lunch and he sets out to trick all the children in his attempts for food. But his plots and disguises are foiled by the animals in the jungle – especially by Trunky, the elephant.


19 Jan 2023

This is a fiction book. I liked the book because The Enormous Crocodile was really greedy and my favourite in the book. I would recommend to other people to read.

01 Jan 2023

I loved this book because it was funny and scary! I laughed my head off!

24 Sep 2022

It was a good short book that contained a funny story. I would recommend it to others.

07 Sep 2022

i loved it and read it lots

05 Sep 2022

I thought this book was amazing and enjoyed it very much, will be reading this one again.

04 Sep 2022

It was funny. I didn’t want it to end. I really enjoyed reading it.

04 Sep 2022


04 Sep 2022

I thought this story was fantastically funny, I love the crocodile's teeth on the front of the book and how big his mouth is.

03 Sep 2022

The crocodile was very mean

01 Sep 2022

I like how the other animals try and stop the crocodile, but when his last trick his used the elephant does something funny.

29 Aug 2022

My favourite bit was the enormous crocodile hiding in the playground.

28 Aug 2022

I enjoyed the book, I found it funny because the crocodile was trying to eat everybody. My favorite character was hump rump the elephant because he took crocodile in the air and he never came back he was strong. It was a fiction book. I would recommend it to my friends.

23 Aug 2022

I like the story but the book was too long .

23 Aug 2022

I liked how the author named each animal. And I love the way all the animals helped kids to stay safe from enormous crocodile. And how Trunky threw him to the sun… BANG!

23 Aug 2022

It was really funny and it was really fun too!

20 Aug 2022

I thought it was funny becuase the crocodile tried over and over again to eat the children. I would recommend this book.

20 Aug 2022

a great book. bit scary

18 Aug 2022

I liked it because it was funny and easy to remember!

16 Aug 2022

I like how the animals saved the children from being eaten by the naughty crocodile

15 Aug 2022

I thought it was very good because it was funny in some parts. It was written well although I had to think hard about some of the words.

It was very interesting because it kept me reading to have a laugh and to see what happened.

I would recommend it to anyone.

15 Aug 2022

I really like this book because I liked all tge animals except from the enormous crocodile. The enormous crocodile tried to eat everybody but in the end he got flung into space and crashed into the sun.

My favourite character was Humpy Rumpy the hippopotamus because he was very cool.

I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.

14 Aug 2022

This book was good to read and the bit where the elephant swings the croc round is my fave

13 Aug 2022

I listened to this as an audiobook. I have read it before a few times but still find it quite funny. I like the funny names and words Roald Dahl uses. My favourite part is when the Enormous Crocodile is as still as a wooden one and the children are nearly tricked.

12 Aug 2022

It was funny

12 Aug 2022

I liked it because of the crocodile, it was funny. I'd recommend it to people who like funny books.

12 Aug 2022

This book was good because it was interesting! It was a little bit silly. The crocodile was my favourite character.

10 Aug 2022

I enjoyed reading this book because it has so many fun facts. Once you start, you would not stop reading it!
I recommend it if you have a wide imagination as I do.

10 Aug 2022

I liked the crocodile when he was pretending to be different things to trick the children.

10 Aug 2022

this book had lots of tricks and clever

09 Aug 2022

I love that the crocodile is so naughty.

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