Happy Birthday, Sausage!

Happy Birthday, Sausage! by Michaela Morgan, and Dee Schulman

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By Michaela Morgan, and and, Dee Schulman

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When no one comes to Sausage’s birthday party, he think it’s the saddest day of his life. He doesn’t have any friends and no one cares about him! Little does he know that the jealous cats have sabotaged his party. Is it too late for Sausage to have a happy birthday?


23 Aug 2019

The dog looks cute mindread

22 Aug 2019

Really funny

15 Aug 2019

It was really cute.

10 Aug 2019

Sausage was my favourite and Lola was cute.
I would recommend it

19 Jul 2019

It was amazing! I liked it because the cats were in the cake at the end.

05 Aug 2018

I found this book really funny and amazing.

03 Aug 2018

Sausage the dog

23 Aug 2017

I really liked sausage but not the two naughty cats!

21 Aug 2017

This was a funny book about a sausage dog who loved sausages....he was having a party but his invites were hidden by the naughty cats that lived with him. Would there still be a party and guests?

20 Aug 2017

best book ever

10 Aug 2017

amazing book for children to read

01 Aug 2017

Because it was really funny and easy to read :)

01 Aug 2017

I think you should read this book because it's really exciting and you never no what's going to happen next and it's really funny and sad and it's verry emotional and it's a sizeablel sized book it's not to long and not to short

26 Jul 2017

I like the ending because the icing was everywhere!

it was a great book

26 Jul 2017

It's funny and really good about dog friends and cats

09 Jul 2017

I just liked this book

23 Aug 2016

At the end there's sneeky cats it's so funny they are covered in his cake

16 Jul 2016

It was fabulous

19 Jun 2016

Great bbok

03 Nov 2015

Great book :)

05 Sep 2015

sweet book sausage

28 Aug 2015

really good book

02 Aug 2015

The two snooty cats in it were very mean

18 Jul 2015

you have to read this book because 2 cats ruin sausages birthday.

13 Jul 2014

its a funny book

25 Jun 2014

I liked Sausage the dog and sausages to eat.

25 Jun 2014

Another good sausage book

24 Jun 2014

It has very good words.

24 Jun 2014

it had a happy ending

24 Jun 2014

I liked this book because it was all about a sausage dog having a party at his house. It was really funny!

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