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The Untouchable

The Untouchable by John Banville

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By John Banville

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‘The Untouchable is an engrossing, exquisitely written and almost bewilderingly smart book . . . It’s the fullest book I’ve read in a very long time, utterly accomplished, thoroughly readable, written by a novelist of vast talent’ Richard Ford

Victor Maskell has been betrayed. After the announcement in the Commons and the hasty revelation of his double life of wartime espionage, his disgrace is public, his knighthood revoked, his position as curator of the Queen’s pictures terminated. There are questions to be answered. For whom has he been sacrificed? To what has he sacrificed his life?

The Untouchable is beautifully crafted novel inspired by the famous Cambridge Spies by John Banville, the author of the Booker prize-winning The Sea.


09 Jun 2020


A really interesting read about the Cambridge spies in general and Anthony Blunt in particular. The characters all have fictionalised names and some details have been changed but it remains a well written (naturally!), engrossing and interesting account of Blunt's life.

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