A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

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By Anthony Burgess

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The fully restored fiftieth anniversary edition

Foreword by Martin Amis

First published by William Heinemann in 1962, A Clockwork Orange is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential books of the twentieth century.


22 Jul 2016

Complex, very dark but interesting, only for older readers.

18 May 2016


This is an absolute classic and not to be missed, despite the tricky linguistic style.
I think this might be the only time I remember a film version to have a darker ending than the book. I would definitely recommend both the book and the film to anyone who likes things clever and dark.

29 Feb 2016

I really enjoyed the concept of this book about how violence in society is a problem but even more of a problem is the courrption of the goverment and the police and how they want to control us with their own hegemonic values of what is deemed right in socitey and what is humane to do to another person, the vigilantes or gang are my favourite charecters as they break the rules that the boursgise set and do as they please but also show how a world without rules would lead to chaos and disruption. i would recomend this too someone who enjoys a hard read but one that is controversial

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