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The Spoilt City: The Balkan Trilogy 2

The Spoilt City: The Balkan Trilogy 2 by Olivia Manning

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By Olivia Manning

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It is 1940, and Guy and Harriet Pringle and their friends in the English colony in Bucharest find their position growing ever more precarious. The ‘phoney war’ is over and invasion by the Germans is an ever-present threat. Harriet finds her new husband’s idealism clashing with her own more down-to-earth attitudes.


17 Jan 2021


The trilogy is getting better as it goes, or maybe I'm just getting used to the way she writes and becoming familiar with the characters. This volume is set in Bucharest in 1940 and as the German invasion is anticipated we see portraits of a struggling city and a struggling marriage. Gripping stuff and as it finishes on a bit of a cliffhanger it looks like Vol 3 is now an inevitable read.

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