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The Whale Rider

The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera

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  • The Big Jubilee Read

By Witi Ihimaera

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A mystical story of Maori culture. The birth of a daughter – Kahu – breaks the lineage of a Maori tribe.

Rejected by her grandfather, Kahu develops the ability to communicate with whales, echoing those of the ancient Whale Rider after whom she was named.

This magical and mythical novel tells of the conflict between tradition and heritage, from the perspective of Kahu’s grandfather, and Kahu’s destiny to secure the tribe’s future.


28 Aug 2022

This book was a bit hard to read. I didn't understand some of it when I read it on my own. I read it with my Mum instead and it was great.

28 Aug 2022

I tried to read this and it was a bit hard. My mum read it with me and I loved the story.

20 Aug 2022

It was a fiction story. I liked that the girl got the trust of the whale to ride it in the end.
It looked like an interesting book from the cover.

07 Aug 2016

Just a juicy magic book. Perfect for EVERYONE.

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