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Voyageurs by Margaret Elphinstone

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By Margaret Elphinstone

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In the early 1800s, Rachel Greenhow, a young Quaker, goes missing in the Canadian wilderness. Unable to accept the disappearance, her brother Mark leaves his farm in England, determined to bring his sister home.

What follows is a gripping account of Mark’s odyssey and his travels with the voyageurs – the men who canoe Canada’s fur-trade route.

As adventure and discovery propel the plot forward, Elphinstone takes the reader back in time and intertwines the story with enduring themes of love, war and family ties.


14 Nov 2018


Quite enjoyed this book but didn't think it was brilliant. The plot is simply a man (a Quaker) looking for his missing sister. It's set in wild west north America with the native American Indians (as the author refers to the first nation people) much in evidence and being urged to help the British in the war of 1812. The author, herself a Quaker, uses the novel to give us much history about the war, the first nation people of America and Canada, and Quaker history and for me it was all this history, especially of the battles, that made it less than brilliant. However, if you like historically accurate novels with a good plot then this could be the one for you.

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