The Great Gatsby


By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In this novel Jay Gatsby’s destructive passion for Daisy Buchanan is played out against the background of Long Island high society. Viewed through the eyes of an outsider, Gatsby’s life is the story of a generation – glitz and glamour turning sour, and the high life turning to ashes.


29 Aug 2016

This is a great book for children around my age (11),as it has loads of more sophisticated words which will help them in their further reading.

16 Apr 2015

I thought it was an interesting book, but t took some time before I started to like it (about half way through).
The person who I like best must be Nick the Narrator, as he sees it all and without him I wouldn't understand anything happening as he explains it all.
I would recommend someone else to read this especially if they wanted to do an essay.

29 Mar 2015

A little hard to get into, but once I dived in enjoyed it tremendously! Gatsby a true gentleman & Daisy/Tom shallow & rotten to the core! The film very faithful to the novel which was refreshing. Definitely a classic!

15 Mar 2015

It was a really hard book to get in to until I had gotten to Chapter 4 but I managed to continue reading. It was quite dry to begin with and still was later on but the ending was powerful and really quite well concluded, would recommend this book and it was overall a well put together book with a powerful idea and set of themes behind it!

27 Feb 2015

A mysterious story. I still feel like the character Gatsby did not get his true ending. F.Scott Fitzgerald displayed that not everything in life has its desired consequent. However the portrayal of aristocrats shows that their egos are affected by their status in society and that not even money itself can make you as happy as you'd think you could be.

17 Jan 2015

Beautifully written classic. Glamorous yet devastating. Charming and elegant

29 Aug 2014

It's a classic!

13 Aug 2014


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