Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

By Philip Pullman

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“Without this child, we shall all die.” Lyra Belacqua and her animal daemon live half-wild and carefree among scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. The destiny that awaits her will take her to the frozen lands of the Arctic, where witch-clans reign and ice-bears fight. Her extraordinary journey will have immeasurable consequences far beyond her own world…


22 Jul 2019

Soon good I loved the adventure

06 Jul 2019

This is a fiction book. It’s about a girl called Liza she lives in a world where humans got daemons, daemons are animals that represents you. You cannot get away from it, it’s part of your spirit. When you’re a child your daemon can change into any animal he or she wants, but when you get older your deamon will have too choose his animal. So in Lira’s world children are disappearing all over the world and are taken to the North. So Lira and a group of man are going to save those children. Will they succeed?

29 Aug 2018

Very long and and slightly confusing.

09 Aug 2018

I like the king polar bear the best in the book. I like the demons in this book. My favourite part of the book is when the polar bears fight in the arena.
I would recommend this book.

07 Aug 2018

Very good. The plot was fantastical but believable.

24 Jan 2018

a deep story full of mystery

15 Aug 2017

I really enjoyed this book because it has a really clever and mysterious plot.

05 Aug 2017

I absolutely loved this book and I think you will too!

04 Aug 2017

A Fantastic adventure. This was gripping and scary. I couldn't put it down. I wish I could have a daemon like Lyra.

01 Aug 2017

This is a very hard book with a complercating storyline. But overall this is a very enjoying book.

23 Jun 2017

This is an amazing book but is very slow to start. After about the first 60 page then the real action starts to kick in! The first 60 pages are mostly give you the main background and idea of the characters/settings. Overall it is an good but just a bit too slow to start.

09 Sep 2016


11 Jan 2016

It's a hard read at a really hard level. Perfect for very good and confident readers. I love the way this book is cleverly written I particularly liked that the fantasy in it seems so lifelike. I would recommend this for 12-13 year olds or ambitious readers. This is a must read!

01 Dec 2015

Fantastic book, love it

02 Nov 2015


Such a fantastic trilogy of books - I sobbed at the end but in a really good way!

18 Aug 2015

I found it very different from the books I normally read but this book was suprisingly good! I liked the story and will be borrowing the next book in the series soon.

17 Aug 2015

This book has been brilliantly written. It has lots of adventure, mystery and a little bit of cool science! :o

01 Aug 2015

Great characters, story line and cliff hanger.

06 Jul 2015

Fantasy, science fiction and adventure all rolled into one! This book is the first in the series and you'll definitely want to read them all!

21 May 2015

Amazing book, wouldn't recommend for under 7yrs old :)

12 Feb 2015

Entertaining, fantasy, good read.

21 Aug 2014

There were many themes in this book: magical, funny, frightening and most of all original. My favourite character is Iorek Byrnison because he protected Lyra in many stages. He is extremely brave and fearless A great book to read!

03 Aug 2014

I was hooked to this and loving the next book in the series Subtle Knife. The first word grabs your attention and you can't put the book down afterwards.

29 Jul 2014

Turned into a film called the Golden Compass this book was exceedingly intriguing.

26 Jul 2014

A parralel world which has deamons and advencher best book ever

26 Jul 2014

Its a good book for older readers who enjoy fiction.

23 Jul 2014

fully of adventure with demons around every corner. really enjoyed this book

19 Jul 2014

You should read it because it is mystery, fantasy and excitement!!! (0:

04 Jul 2014

This is amazing. It truly is. Just read it, because it is my second favourite book.

01 Jul 2014

This is a great book! If you like a good adventure then read this! If you like a mystery then read this! If you like fantasy confusing things and much more read this book! I have read it and want to read it again. Once you start reading it you want to find out what happens next! It gets better and better through out the story. There are really happy parts and really sad parts which will make you want to cry or even want to rub it out and wright down what you want it to say!

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