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In Defence of the Act

In Defence of the Act by Effie Black

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By Effie Black

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Are we more like a coffee bean, a carrot or an egg? What happens to us when we are boiled in the trials and tribulations of life? Jessica Miller is fascinated by the somewhat perplexing tendency of humans to end their own lives, but she secretly believes such acts may not be that bad after all. Or at least, she did. Jessica is coming to terms with her own relationships, and reflecting on what it means to be queer, when a single event throws everything she once believed into doubt. Can she still defend the act?


20 Apr 2024


A brave book to write with the Act in question being suicide. I sometimes felt as if I was reading non fiction and other times it trotted along like a regular easy-to- read novel. Although the writing style is easy the issues raised are potentially very difficult and quite contentious: Suicide, domestic violence, drug abuse, homosexuality and the pro's and cons of having children. It could set a reading group alight!

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