Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Wolf Brother: Book 1 in the million-copy-selling series

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Wolf Brother: Book 1 in the million-copy-selling series by Michelle Paver

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By Michelle Paver

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A boy. A wolf. A legend for all time. The first book in the internationally bestselling WOLF BROTHER (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness) series by renowned author Michelle Paver.


28 Aug 2020

funny adventureos

22 Aug 2020

I had been meaning to read this for some time. A bit more challenging for our year 4s, so will be a class read so we can share it together. A great start to what looks like a fascinating series of books by Michelle Paver. Renn is a great character in particular!

16 Jul 2020

I found this book hard going to start with but then got into it. There is a lot of writing on each page so not so quick to get through the chapters. It was fiction. It is set thousands of years ago. I liked the wolf best. This is the first book of a series.

27 Jun 2020

It was an amazing read

06 Jun 2020

i did like this book but i found some of it mind suckingly boring . It had some good parts though like the fight with the bear but i would hesitate to recommend it .My favourite character is the wolf cub obviously but i do really like Torak as well .

01 Jun 2020

I loved this book, loved the way you were in Wolf's head and the Torak's.

14 Sep 2019

I would recommend it to people who like R.L Stine

22 Jul 2019

It was really good because the story is different but excitement.
if you like adventure then you would like this book also you would like it 10 or above.

22 Jul 2019

It is a very good book. I recommend it to anyone. It is about a bear who kills Torak's father and has to make the journey to the mountain of the World's Spirits. This is part of a series and is the first book. I would recommend reading the series. I have only read this book of the series but it was really good.

15 Dec 2017

this is one of the greatest books iv'e ever read. it is 100% intriguing and its one of those books that once you start reading you cannot put it down!!!!

08 Aug 2017

A great setting, great story is Wolf Brother and it's series. It starts when Torak lives with his father until a demon bear kills his father taking away his happy life. Will he stop the demon bear before it kills everyone?

08 Aug 2017

This book is about Bonding with a wolf. As Torak finds out he is the Listener, he is on the run.

28 Jul 2017

Wolf Brother is a heart-gripping adventure that propels you into the very heart of the stone age world where trusting a friend means risking your life. Amazing . This is the best book I have ever read.

12 Feb 2017

Oh, this is the best book I`ve ever read and it`s about this boy whose name is Torak. Sadly his father died. Don`t worry I haven`t spoiled it for you, that happens right at the beginning. I would recommend it to people who like adventure books and people who are in between year five and year nine. So pop up to your library now and borrow this exclusive book called Wolf Brother.

29 Dec 2016

It was amazing.It was fantastic and out of this world.Torak goes on a mission to the mountain of the world spirit.

03 Aug 2016

When Torak's father dies he needs to avenge his death by making his journey towards the mountain or world spirit.

22 Jul 2016

This book is about a boy called Toraq who can speak wolf. He lives with his father hidden away from the world. Until one day his a bear comes and his father dies. Toraq then has to keep a promise to his father and he meets Ren and other people on the way, along with his trusty friend Wolf. A cub who's family suffered simaler fate as Toraq's.

19 Jul 2016


11 Feb 2016

I'm still reading it but from where I've read, it's awesome. The kind of story you all dreamt of reading.

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