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Stone Blind: the breathtaking Sunday Times bestseller

Stone Blind: the breathtaking Sunday Times bestseller by Natalie Haynes

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By Natalie Haynes

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Natalie Haynes, Women’s Prize-shortlisted author of A Thousand Ships, brings life to the infamous myth of Medusa with a heartbreaking, feminist retelling unlike any other.


17 Mar 2023


Loved this novel! Natalie Haynes writes brilliantly. She's an excellent story teller and tells this one with totally irreverent and wickedly funny humour. She re-tells the story of Medusa and a host of other Greek myths, God's and demi-gods along the way. She takes none of them seriously as she tells of their exploits. An extremely entertaining, enjoyable, easy to read book, whether you're familiar with the stories already or not. Highly recommended.

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