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The Songs You've Never Heard

The Songs You've Never Heard by Becky Jerams, and Ellie Wyatt

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By Becky Jerams, and and, Ellie Wyatt

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Dual-written by a BAFTA-winning children’s composer and a K-pop hit writer, The Songs You’ve Never Heard is a debut YA novel that champions sisterhood, musical talent and body positivity. Perfect for fans of Estelle Maskame, Chris Russell and Taylor Swift.

How can two lost girls find their voices in a world that’s determined to keep them silent?

Meg McCarthy seems to be everything Alana Howard is not: rich, glamorous and – thanks to Caspar, her world-famous pop star brother – a social media influencer that every brand wants to sponsor.

But while Meg is feeling trapped by the squeaky-clean McCarthy brand, plagued by online haters and too terrified to share her own talent with the world, songwriter Alana doesn’t seem to be scared of standing out.

When Meg and Alana’s worlds collide, they quickly learn that appearances can be deceiving.


30 Sep 2023

A wonderful book about identity and challenging the perceptions you have of yourself!

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