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The Mapmakers

The Mapmakers by Tamzin Merchant

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By Tamzin Merchant

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18 Sep 2023

I couldn’t wait to read this as I thoroughly enjoyed The Hatmakers. It has already been a firm favourite having been read twice since I bought it into school in September.
I literally can’t wait for the next one.

06 Sep 2023

Another story featuring Cordelia Hatmaker. A great many thanks to Tamzin Merchant for creating this wonderful character. I absolutely loved this and I hope others do to

25 Aug 2023


25 Aug 2023

Be shocked by a book full of magic and danger! Cordelia has been given a map by her long-lost father. When she figures out where the map leads to, she figures out that as well as being a haymaker, she is also a mapmaker! It is her duty to protect the hidden magical places. But an evil person is destroying them to make them leechgldass, something that can kill you. He poisons most of the makers and the only thing that can cure them is a magical tree. All the maker children who have not been poisoned have to work together to stop the evil person.

The main characters of this book are Cordelia and Sam - they are both sisters and haymakers and Goose - a bookmaker. This book is set on a lovely, starry night on a London road.

If you find most books boring, this one will catch your attention because it has lots of exciting adventure, mystery and joy in it.

19 Aug 2023

I love this book it is so mystical and it has magic

03 Aug 2023

This time, my favourite character was the mysterious Winifred Witloof I would also recommend this wonderfully written sequel to another person!

01 Aug 2023

I really enjoyed The Hatmakers, and was eager to see if the sequel measured up. It definitely did - I loved the humour and quirkiness of the storytelling, and the uniqueness of the magic that is so neatly woven through the plot. There's a great 'heart' at the centre of this story, and a cast of interesting and likeable characters. I reserve 5 star reviews for the books that I can't put down, otherwise this would be up there!

29 Jul 2023

I would recommend this to magic lovers, and I would love to read the next book to Cordelia's adventure: The Troublemakers

18 Jul 2023

A delightful sequel to the Hatmakers, which I loved!

08 Jul 2023


30 Mar 2023

so magical love it !

12 Feb 2023

This was a really good book! I loved the adventure and magic in it! The makers were all so brave and fearless and Cordelia was definitely my favourite character. I would recommend!!

22 Aug 2022

It was so good !!!
My favourite character is Sam!
I would definitely recommend it to someone else!In fact I already have!

29 Jul 2022

This sequel to the 'hatmakers' is absolutely amazing! In this book, Cordelia finally finds her father after months of searching, and she has to defeat Lord Witloof once aNd for ALL with her friends goose and sam . She also hqs to unite all the makers together into the guidehall. I love this book it was soooo good and i would definitely recommend this book to you.

28 Jul 2022

A good read and I enjoyed it

19 Jul 2022

This was such an amazing adventure book for kids. Full of magic and excitement - I absolutely loved it!

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