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Look Up!

Look Up! by Nathan Bryon, and Dapo Adeola

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By Nathan Bryon, and and, Dapo Adeola

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06 Feb 2021

I didn't like it at first but then, I found Rocket so funny!

07 Dec 2020

nice story

02 Dec 2020

It's very nice story I wish to go to the moon

01 Dec 2020

I like it because it's write about astronauts Mae Jemsion

31 Oct 2020

I just love Rocket’s determination and enthusiasm and the kindness shown to her by Jamal when it is most needed. A fabulous bit of non fiction thrown in too.

29 Oct 2020

Loved, loved this book, what an amazing new style Non Fiction book, it is just the right balance of fact and story. A beautiful effort less book that is diverse, the facts are amazing and relevant, it just made me want to read this again and again.
The book feels lovely with thick pages and great pictures that explain the story in places without words.
A must read for anyone aged 2 and up

17 Oct 2020

My class loved this! Great link to our space topic, we loved finding out about comets and meteors. Rocket is a very cool character - we can't wait to read the other books in this series.

27 Sep 2020

This children's book is full of colour and fun, but it carries a serious message: our skin colour doesn't stop us from changing the world. We are all equal.

Rocket, the protagonist, inspires me because she doesn't give up and makes sacrifices and works hard to get what she wishes for. Rocket is black, but that doesn't stop her. She is fearless. She is brave. She is courageous.

I enjoyed this because of its powerful message, captivating adventure and vivid illustrations. Even though it is aimed at younger children, people of all ages can enjoy this story.

27 Sep 2020

We loved this book, it was fun and inspiring with vibrant illustrations. It encourages children to DREAM BIG and be whatever they want!

24 Sep 2020

It was a verry interesting to learn about space

15 Sep 2020

A beautiful picture book, with a touching storyline about making time to embrace the natural beauty of the world.

Beautifully interwoven with facts and stunning illustrations this book is a must read.

06 Sep 2020

I loved this book very much. I think other children will love this book.

06 Sep 2020

This book reminded me of my big brother always on his phone. I loved this book as it was incredible to see what you can witness if you just give electronics a break.

05 Sep 2020

It's really good because I love space. It's really cool because Rocket goes and sees the meteor shower.
I would recommend it to someone else.

03 Sep 2020

I thought it was funny when Jamal got splashed.

02 Sep 2020

I like Rocket

01 Sep 2020

I like the picture.

31 Aug 2020

I think it’s very funny that Jamal always stares at his phone.

30 Aug 2020

My favourite character is Rocket my favourite part is when Rocket takes the microphone and tells everyone to see the meteor shower

28 Aug 2020

I love space books

27 Aug 2020

I like this story because the brother is funny and keeps looking at his phone and Rocket keeps look up. I like it also because I've learnt about meteor showers.

18 Aug 2020

Picture, fiction book.
I would definitely recommend this book,the main character, Rocket, has big dreams and wants others to share experiences with her .
I think it reminds us that we all need to slow down and look up sometimes.
Lovely, colourful illustrations.

17 Aug 2020

It was interesting

15 Aug 2020

This book is about a girl who never looks down. Every night she sets up her telescope and looks at the stars, but her brother is always just looking down at his silly phone. She really wants to become an astronaut. She was so excited about the meteor shower, that she made posters to hand out to people to watch too. She even invited everyone in the supermarket. Jamal was really grumpy with her and didn't want to take her to the park anymore, but her mum made him.

Everybody arrived to watch the meteor shower and they decided to go to the park. They waited and waited, but nothing happened and people started going home. But then is started and they all enjoyed it together, even Jamal.

14 Aug 2020

Great mix of fact and fiction

14 Aug 2020

Put down your phones!

14 Aug 2020

Time to put down the phones

14 Aug 2020

I thought this was a beautifully illustrated book. I enjoyed how the story unfolded and how the main character (rocket), is full of such enthusiasm for her passion. My 5 year old daughter was inspired as soon as we had finished the story, she independently went off to create her own rocket and telescope.

11 Aug 2020

I enjoyed the facts.

06 Aug 2020

My Nannie bought me this book.
I thought it was a great book.
I liked Rocket because she is a star gazer.
The best bit was when they saw a meteor shower together.
I would definitely tell other children to read this book.

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