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Voyage of the Sparrowhawk: Winner of the Costa Children's Book Award 2020

Voyage of the Sparrowhawk: Winner of the Costa Children's Book Award 2020 by Natasha Farrant

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By Natasha Farrant

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11 Jun 2024

History. Adventure. Friendship.

03 Jan 2024

I liked the book a Iot. My favourite character was Lotti as she is very, enthusiastic.I would recommend this book to someone as it is interesting.

14 Dec 2023

I did find this book quite interesting. It is a bit different to what I normally read, though. My favourite character is lotti, she's just so brave, and outgoing. She's a true inspiration for me. 5/5

22 Sep 2023

I really enjoyed this book. It was reminiscent of classics like Goodnight Mr Tom and The Railway Children. Throughout the story, you rooted for the characters. You kept fingers crossed that the orphans would find a home, that the long-lost brother would be found, that the grandmother would put an end to suffering and neglect. Whilst the ending was slightly predictable, you didn’t mind as it was the happy ending you wished for all the characters.

03 Sep 2023

Such an exciting book!

22 Aug 2023

Good, interesting. But the narrowboat going over the channel felt unrealistic

12 Aug 2023

I liked how the children went on a adventure

12 Aug 2023

This was a really good book because after you finish reading one chapter you always want to read more.

24 Jun 2023


Loved this story. After reading it, I recommended it to some children at school. They both loved it too. Need to find and read more Natasha Farrant. 📚

15 Jan 2023

This was an AMAZING book!!! It was so beautiful- tear-jerking, dramatic, and full of friendship, love and finding what we miss. I loved it and would definitely recommend!

18 Sep 2022

A real action packed book and a fun read. It is about a girl called Lottie and a boy called Ben they go on an adventure to find Lottie's grandma, Moune and Ben's brother, Sam. Also, Ben lives on a canal boat which is a twist! Great book would definitely recommend.

18 Aug 2022

This is an excellent book to read and it is fascinating. The plot is very intriguing and unique. I think the character development and the plot run smoothly and the elements keep the audience excited. The dogs are one of the cutest things in the story. Great book overall.

17 Aug 2022

I liked Lotti because she was thoughtful of other people and I liked Sam because of how courageous he was. Yes I would recommend it.

06 Aug 2022

The Sparrowhawk was a great book and I liked how it got very tense at parts and I would recommend it to anyone who likes canal boats, The English Channel or France. Or dogs and adventure and grandmothers.

25 Jul 2022

Loved it

22 Dec 2021


This was one of my favourite books of this year. I love how close the characters are and how much they care about each other. It's a mad adventure but if still feels believable.

05 Dec 2021

I loved this book because it was adventurous and had a magnificent plot line. My favourite characters were Lotti, Nathan and Sam. I would recommend this book highly.

08 Sep 2021

Gripping adventure set in the aftermath of World War 1. It gives a real sense of the impact that war had on people’s lives. As well as two plucky children, their dogs are also key to the plot.

04 Sep 2021

One of my favourite books from the summer. I was captivated by this story and the characters including the dog's and the boat which I consider all to be characters in their own right! The description of setting and character in this book I thought was particularly good. I loved the power and control that was given to the children's characters in this book, so often children seem to be at the control of adults but in their different ways the key adults in this story really listened to the children and helped them to act on their own decisions. Really fantastic story.

03 Sep 2021

Brilliant - loved this even though it was a little unrealistic. Great characters and pretty exciting from start to finish.

02 Sep 2021

This has a classic warm feel about it - if you liked The Railway Children, you'll love this!

26 Aug 2021

I really enjoyed this book and would have absolutely loved it as a child. However, as an adult reader, I found it a tiny bit far-fetched in places, eg their getting into France with barely a hiccup. I felt that needed to have been harder than it was to make it a bit more realistic. But having said that, I really enjoyed the plucky exploits of the characters and very much liked all of the likeable characters. The ending worked out well for everyone who deserved a good ending!

25 Aug 2021

This is set at the end of World War 1, i thought it had a real feel of an Enid Blyton story. My favourite character was Lotti, she was so resilient and 'plucky'! An unusual story about going to France on a narrowboat to search for relatives, particularly Lotti's aunt. A rollocking good read with themes of resilience and friendship. It wouldn't be for all, would suit a discerning , confident reader of about 11 or 12.

16 Aug 2021

Awesome this book has its wonderful ups and emotional downs,
so real I sometimes thought Ben and Lotti were actually in my room,
I liked Lotti best but my second was little Delphine the puppy,
every one I know will hear about this book.

10 Aug 2021

I like this boo, when I was reading it, it made me read on!

05 Aug 2021

When Ben lost his father he was determined to find his brother. This story really gripped me. I liked the way another character was brought in so Ben’s story was twisted with the story of a lonely girl he met and they travelled together.

02 Aug 2021

I really enjoyed this book an would definitely recommend it

02 Aug 2021

I really loved the twists and turns, lows and highs. It was magnificent and I loved it. My favourite people were Ben and Lotti when I finished I felt like Lotti and Ben were my best friends. I would recommend it to every single person I know. I really, really loved and enjoyed this book.

29 Jul 2021

This book was awesome, because it was all about boats. But, the bad thing was that the girl stole a dog -- but, the dog was being treated badly. The boy has a dog that is female and she has puppies when they get to France. And they go there on a canal boat. Really cool!

27 Jul 2021

This book is about two children called Ben and Loti who are orphans. Ben wants to find his brother, and Lotti is running away with a stolen dog. I would recommend this book to everyone aged 9 to 12.

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