Sweet Sorrow

Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls

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By David Nicholls

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Charlie Lewis is the kind of boy you don’t remember in the school photograph. His exams have not gone well. At home he is looking after his father, when surely it should be the other way round, and if he thinks about the future at all, it is with a kind of dread.

Then Fran Fisher bursts into his life and despite himself, Charlie begins to hope.

But if Charlie wants to be with Fran, he must take on a challenge that could lose him the respect of his friends and require him to become a different person. He must join the Company. And if the Company sounds like a cult, the truth is even more appalling.

The price of hope, it seems, is Shakespeare.


20 Aug 2019


David Nicholls brings Romeo and Juliet to life in a tale of class and love and loss. Oh! To be 16, in love and dreading your ‘O’ level results. Bravo! This (like all his novels) is a must read.

15 Jul 2019


A perfect summer read - I defy you to read this and not be immediately transported into Charlie's world. David Nicholls' best book yet.

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