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Night Boat to Tangier

Night Boat to Tangier by Kevin Barry

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By Kevin Barry

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It’s late one night at the Spanish port of Algeciras and two fading Irish gangsters are waiting on the boat from Tangier.

A lover has been lost, a daughter has gone missing, their world has come asunder – can it be put together again? Night Boat to Tangier is a novel drenched in sex and death and narcotics, in sudden violence and old magic.

But above all, it is a book obsessed with the mysteries of love.

A tragicomic masterwork from the award-winning Kevin Barry, Night Boat to Tangier is a work of melancholy beauty, wit and lyrical brilliance.

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18 Dec 2019


What a brilliant book. Dark, funny, tender and violent, a gripping story cleverly revealed over the course of the novel about two horrible, nasty drug dealers who are made completely human in the telling.

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