Dave Pigeon (Royal Coo!)

Dave Pigeon (Royal Coo!) by Swapna Haddow, and Sheena Dempsey

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By Swapna Haddow, and and, Sheena Dempsey

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Raju will get to see how normal pigeon lives and Dave will be pampered in the Royal Lofts.
Of course, this all goes to Dave’s head and as he laps up the royal treatment becoming more unbearable than ever.


01 Jul 2020

It was very funny. I would recommend to someone else

16 Aug 2019

It was really good! The front cover illustration is so funny. Skipper does not look happy to put the royal turban on Dave and Dave as usual is looking very proud of himself.

The story is very exciting and I was keen to read each new chapter because of the cliffhangers. Skipper is much like me, he helps in all sticky situations!

14 Jul 2019

It was a very funny book, cos Dave got arrested for stealing the royal pigeon's face!

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