Golden Child

Golden Child by Claire Adam

By Claire Adam

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A father steps out into the night to search for his son.

As the hours turn into days, this man will learn many things. He will learn about sacrifice and the nature of love – and he will be forced to act.

Claire Adam’s electrifying first novel reckons with the secrets of the human heart.


01 Apr 2019


An excellent book. The story had me hooked from the very beginning and I loved the way the reader was transported back in time to learn about the twins' childhood. The dilemma faced by Clyde was well portrayed, and I felt sympathy for the main characters. The ending was quite unexpected however, made me think.
A great book for discussion with Bookswap Durham.

03 Mar 2019

Reading this novel was like walking a tightrope: between a family story and a thriller, between the bright child and the not-so-bright one. It's a great story with believable characters, a sense of place and a terrible dilemma. I read it as a sneaky preview before giving it to Book Swap, Durham, for their next read and I think it'll generate a lot of discussion. Looking forward to it already!

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