She's Not There

She's Not There by Tamsin Grey

By Tamsin Grey

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‘A wonderful, artfully addictive novel’ IAN MCEWAN

When Jonah and Raff wake up on Monday, their mother Lucy isn’t there.


14 Mar 2019


Loved this book. Jonah and Raff are lovable, engaging characters, old for their years in some respects, but this is hardly surprising considering their family circumstances. All the characters in the book are interesting and colourful, and though quirky they are entirely believable. Perhaps because thy are seen through the children's eyes - we rarely see the adult's point of view.
It is full of good people, who have done bad things but makes no judgement on them - whether they are right or wrong, good or bad is left to the reader to decide.

There a surprising reveal at the end - perhaps more than one depending on how much the reader managers to deduce from the clues that Jonah uncovers.

Different, and well worth reading.

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