Ghost Wall

Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

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By Sarah Moss

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Teenage Silvie and her parents are living in a hut in Northumberland as an exercise in experimental archaeology.

Her father is a difficult man, obsessed with imagining and enacting the harshness of Iron Age life.

Haunting Silvie’s narrative is the story of a bog girl, a young woman sacrificed by those closest to her, and the landscape both keeps and reveals the secrets of past violence and ritual as the summer builds to its harrowing climax.


10 Jan 2020

Amazing piece of sparse writing that conveys so much in so few pages. There are no excess words or description. Heartbreaking but unsentimentally told from the point of view of a teenage girl in a troubled household while on a historical re-enactment weekend. Sinister and emotive.

05 Apr 2019


Devoured this gripping book in one sitting. She held my attention from the first sentence and although it's a short book there's an awful lot in there and it packs a powerful punch. Highly recommended.

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