This Really Isn't About You

This Really Isn't About You by Jean Hannah Edelstein

By Jean Hannah Edelstein

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A disarmingly tender, funny and honest memoir of grief, illness and finding your way in life.

In 2014 Jean Hannah Edelstein moved back to the United States after living abroad for fourteen years, her whole adult life, because her father was dying from cancer. Six weeks after she arrived in New York City, her father died. Six months after that she learned that she had inherited the gene that would cause her cancer too.

When Edelstein’s world overturned she was forced to confront some of the big questions in life: how do we cope with grief? How does living change when we realise we’re not invincible? Does knowing our likely fate make it harder or easier to face the future? How do you motivate yourself to go on your OkCupid date when you’re struggling with your own mortality? Written in her inimitable, wry and insightful voice, Edelstein’s memoir is by turns heart-breaking, hopeful and also disarmingly funny. This Really Isn’t About You is a book about finding your way in life. Which is to say, it’s a book about discovering you are not really in control of that at all.

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