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The Explorer

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, and Hannah Horn

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By Katherine Rundell, and and, Hannah Horn

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After crashing hundreds of miles from civilisation in the Amazon rainforest, Fred, Con, Lila and Max are utterly alone and in grave danger. They have no food, no water and no chance of being rescued. But they are alive and they have hope. As they negotiate
the wild jungle they begin to find signs that something – someone – has been there before them. Could there possibly be a way out after all?


14 Sep 2021

Loved it. Witty turn of phrase, engaging characters and a gripping story.

10 Sep 2021

While the main theme of the book (suddenly lost in the Amazonian forest) has been exploited previously in books and movies -which can help learners making predictions- here the settings and the plot are intriguing and the descriptions of both physical elements and emotions are so vivid and rich. From a learner's of English as a second language point of view this book is ideal for reviewing vocabulary in context or as a source of new useful vocabulary. The chapters aren't too long and the wording pleasantly brisk so that the work on constructing meaning won't disrupt the flow and the unfolding of the story, keeping the reader engaged.
I almost found myself jotting down a how-to list of tips and tricks in case I came across a Goliath tarantula or I needed to roast a common tarantula. I loved it, so much fun.

10 Sep 2021

Set in the lush Amazon rainforest this exciting adventure tells us about 4 children crash landed hundreds of miles from anywhere when the pilot has a heart attack. With lots of courage and pluck the children explore and discover as they try to survive and find water, food and shelter. As they explore further they find a map and traces of another human. Each character has their good points and weaknesses, but together with strength and determination they manage to make their way to safely. I enjoyed the descriptions of the wildlife surrounding them and how their support and respect of each other grew.

10 Sep 2021

An amazing book by a great author! Lots of action and the characters all develop as the story unfolds. Highly recommend.

06 Sep 2021

I loved this story - it is well written, uses beautiful language and pulls you into the story.
My children really enjoyed that the characters in the story were children just like them. I read a chapter a day to them and half way through the book they didn't want me to stop because they really wanted to know what happened next - the story had captured their imagination and transported them to the rainforest.

05 Sep 2021

A great adventure story. Four children survive a crash landing in the Amazon. Through the dangers they encounter they form a bond, one they need to rely on in order to survive. It is a tale of adventure, peril, friendship and the strength that can found from within.

05 Sep 2021

I liked it because it's all about 4 kids who try to survive in the jungle with their pet sloth. It's set in the amazon jungle, with all the jungle noises and is exciting.

05 Sep 2021

Super fun, I loved how it was set in the Amazon and there were 4 kids who crashed in a plane. It was a good mystery.

04 Sep 2021

Fictional story about 4 children who’s plane crashes in the jungle after the pilot has a heart attack. You read all about their adventures in the jungle as they try to survive and get back home. I felt like I was in the Amazon jungle with the characters in the book. My favourite character was the sloth called Baca that Lila finds in the jungle who’s mum was killed. He was a very cute sloth.

I would recommend this book to people who like reading adventure stories and who like exploring.

03 Sep 2021

I listened to this book and found it absolutely amazing. I loved the set up of the story. Katherine Rundell has definitely outdone herself! Her best book yet. I liked Con because she is quite funny. But my favourite character was Fred because I found him very interesting and brave and I loved how he kept on showing the other 3 children about living in the amazon rain forest and what to eat. My favourite part of the whole story is at the end before they leave in the plane the man says he once had a maggot nest in the crook of his elbow and then Fred knows how he is... I would definitely recommend to anyone. Her writings just getting better and better...

02 Sep 2021

It was a story with some children accidentally discovering a strange rain-forest full of strange creatures and water and then discovering an explorer who got them home
the names of some lost explorers who are still not found today
yes because it is very suitable for my friend and family.

02 Sep 2021

I really liked this book because it was quite scary and adventurous. I would recommend it to others.

02 Sep 2021

I really enjoyed this book, especially when they went on the raft down the Amazon river. The story was fictional but had facts in it. I would highly recommend this to others.

02 Sep 2021

I liked it because I like adventure and comedy books and it was both! I would recommend it to people who like adventure and comedy books.

01 Sep 2021

I really enjoyed this book and how 4 kids survived in the rain forest and exploring lots of new wonders of the rain forest. I would definitely recommend this book.

31 Aug 2021

Max the 5 year old.
I liked this book as it was adventurous and set in a jungle.

28 Aug 2021

This book is really interesting it’s about 4 children who got stranded on the middle of the Amazon forest they learn to survive in the wild and later learn they weren’t the only one there!

26 Aug 2021

I really enjoyed this fiction story, the way the children managed to survive in the jungle was amazing. Fred was my favorite character because he is a sensible and clever boy. I have already recommended to my friends that this is a very good adventure book

26 Aug 2021

I liked it even though it was long. It was good for description. I liked the character of the explorer best because he was tough yet gentle near the end.
I would recommend this.
I got lost in the book and am happy I read it,

25 Aug 2021

The author has really thought about how to write this book well. It's a really detailed adventure story and it's easy to imagine/picture what's happening in your head - it feels like you are there and it's actually happening.

I liked Fred and Lila - there are really intelligent. Fred never gives up no matter how crazy people think his ideas are. Lila is very clever and kind.

Abacaxi, the Sloth, was also my favourite character - he was alone at first and it was sad.

I definitely recommend this book and can't wait to read more of Katherine's books.

23 Aug 2021

It is a very adventurous story and quite surprising.

21 Aug 2021

The explorer was an inspirational story and I fell in love with it . It's all about 4 children who were in a plane
crash and ended up in the Amazon jungle to fend for themselves but was someone there before them?
From arguments to fishing and always near death these children have been through a lot together... I love this book it is a lovely adventure story and the characters have funny lines and great imagination.
I really enjoyed this book and I recommend this to anyone who wants an adventure.

21 Aug 2021

I’m jelly I wanna be 1 of them, I tots recommend this book to 12+…

This book deserves a peachy like me…

I’ve got this book as a gift from my mum as it was one of the best seller…

Thanks mum :3

20 Aug 2021

An amazing story with twists and turns . Highly engaging with beautiful language throughout and great extending vocabulary for child readers. I would certainly recommend this book.

19 Aug 2021

My Favourite character was Lila because she was very knowledgable about the jungle.

I would certainly recommend it because it was adventurous and thrilling.

18 Aug 2021

Exciting adventure with some environmental and political points to make. Loved it.

18 Aug 2021

This story is about 4 children who were on a plane but then the pilot died whilst the plane was still flying. They crashed into the amazon rainforest and only the children survived. They then go on adventures to find help on the next island. My favourite character was Lila because she was kind and helpful to her little brother. This story was interesting because there were so many twists and secrets that I didn't expect. I would definitely recommend this book.

16 Aug 2021

I really enjoyed this book it is very interesting and funny and it tells you what it would be like to live in the Amazon rainforest. I would really recommend this book

13 Aug 2021

I recommend it to all children who like adventure. Although it is a great book, it fascinates you so that you can't stop reading.
This book is about the adventure of four children in the jungle after their plane crashes, you will discover many things about the jungle and animals. I like Fred the most, he is an intelligent and brave boy.

12 Aug 2021

I loved The Explorer it was a really good book. It was an exiting adventure story which is very good. My favourite character is Fred because he is headstrong but very kind as well. My favourite part was all of it! I would definitely recommend it.

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