Spoonbenders: A BBC Radio 2 Book Club Choice - the perfect summer read!


By Daryl Gregory

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Meet the Amazing Telemachus Family! – The BBC Radio 2 Book Club choice


11 Nov 2017


This book provoked a majority of negative responses with the exception of one member who loved it. For that person it was a slow starter but once the characters and story were established they found it really interesting and engaging.
More of us did not get past the first 50-100 pages however and it was generally agreed even by those who did finish the book that it was a confusing and disjointed read, moving backwards and forwards from character to character and backwards and forwards in time too.
On the whole we agreed that Buddy was probably the only likeable character but he could not make up for the deficiencies of the book as a whole.
A very disappointing read as the cover “blurb” made it sound interesting and different – it was certainly the latter but not necessarily in a good way!
We gave it a score of 4.5 out of 10.

21 Aug 2017


I loved this book - funny, clever, and heart-breaking. Impossible to do it justice, just do yourself a favour and try it!

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