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The Children of Castle Rock

The Children of Castle Rock by Natasha Farrant (Literary scout)

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By Natasha Farrant (Literary scout)

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When Alice’s family home has to be sold, she and her father Barney will do whatever it takes to buy it back – even if whatever it takes isn’t strictly legal.


05 Jul 2021

Excellent id recommend it to teens

04 Dec 2020

Fantastic! This is a very thrilling adventure tale!

22 Nov 2020


25 Aug 2020

I really like this book because the 3 children (Alice, Fergus and Jesse) go on an adventure to meet Alice's dad. My favourite character is Jesse because he is like me!!!!!! :):) Children age 9-14 will love this book.

25 Aug 2020

This book is incredible!! It is a great adventure story with lots of funny parts to it. I loved this book loads, and will happily read it another 10 times!! I would recommend this book for people age 10-14. It also shows how close people can get as friends when they go on an adventure.

03 Aug 2020

My favourite character was Alice

The best part was when they got to the island of Nish

29 Jan 2020


28 Aug 2019

Alice has had to go to a boarding school where she doesn't even know what is to come.Her adventure begins with meeting rule obeying Jesse, who shows her the way to the school.Once they get to the school,they meet Furgus who is really clever but loves making mischief.One day a strange package arrives for Alice...I love the book.Full of adventure, friendship and betrayal.Recommend to anyone from 7 to 14.

26 Aug 2019

Alice and Fergus areally my favorite people in the book.Interesting , would recommend.

14 Aug 2019

It interested me to the book because well it was a story about adventure and children getting to go without adults into the world for two days is awesome!

04 Aug 2019

It feels like a classic. I am very glad about 2 things: that this book was written, and that I read it!

13 Jul 2019

I recommend this book children aged 10 to 13. It is about a girl who has no mother and is sent away to a strange school. Her dad is an actor and is frequently away. One day, after frantically pleading for him to communicate she receives a strange parcel. With it is a letter. It reads: do not open this package.

She goes on an adventure of trust, but will she ever find the truth?
This is an amazing book, five stars from me.

09 Sep 2018


01 Sep 2018

A cool adventure of friendship, rewards, races & punishments.

10 Aug 2018

This book is great! Alice, the main character, has a talent for trouble.

31 Jul 2018

An amazing adventure that was so riveting I could not put it down!

22 Jul 2018

This book was really exciting and had a lot of unexpected twists however, the beginning drags on for a while and the adventure starts quite late into the book.

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