The Lavender House


By Hilary Boyd

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From the author of the #1 EBOOK BESTSELLER THURSDAYS IN THE PARK, a delightfully warm and witty new novel on risking everything for a second chance at love. For fans of Erica James and Veronica Henry


04 May 2017

St Regulus AJ

An insightful story into finding love in later life. It is not as simple as in youth as there are more calls upon your time and emotional strength. This took me into the future of my own life and so I found many situations to consider. A helpful read but a little long for the content. Would pack to laze with on holiday.

20 Apr 2017


A gentle story focusing on family dynamics, a huge thumbs up from the members of our reading group. the overall rating given to this book varied from good to excellent with comments that included;
A Sheer Joy.

It has the feel good factor.

falling in love, is a good story at any age.

At the moment this book has received the highest ratings and the most positive feedback from the group.
Friends of Blackhall library reading Circle

23 Mar 2017

Jenny Cooper

This is a gentle novel about Nancy, a divorced 60-something who devotes her time to her family. She has an ageing mother who is clearly unwell but doesn’t want to admit it, either to herself or to anyone else. There is also a daughter who lives next door whose husband is struggling to keep his new restaurant afloat and whose two young children are at school. Inadvertently, all these people have started to take Nancy for granted and are making ever-increasing demands on her time. This isn’t a problem until Nancy meets someone very special and starts to fall in love. This book tells the story of the struggles Nancy faces when confronted with having to juggle family needs and jealousies with the stresses and joys of a new relationship.

We thought the book was a realistic and poignant portrayal of problems which could so easily occur. Nobody is trying to be difficult, but the situation generates a host of complications, some of which seem almost insurmountable at times. The feelings and emotions of all concerned come across as both genuine and understandable. We also thought that the characters were believable, interesting and mostly likeable, although some of the group disliked some of the family members to such an extent that it ruined the book for them.

This is the first of Hilary Boyd’s books that any of us had read and most of us really enjoyed it. Some thought it was a little too slow and a little saccharin. As most of us are the same age as Nancy or older, it may have been easier for us to relate to her than for a younger reader. I will certainly be looking out for more of her books.

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