Esio Trot

Esio Trot by Roald Dahl, and Quentin Blake

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By Roald Dahl, and and, Quentin Blake

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Mr Hoppy really loves his neighbour Mrs Silver, and Mrs Silver really loves her tortoise, Alfie. One day Mrs Silver asks Mr Hoppy how to make Alfie grow, and suddenly Mr Hoppy knows the way to win her heart. With the help of a magical spell and some cabbage leaves, can Mr Hoppy be happy at last?


06 Aug 2020

I thought the book was nice how he tried to make the lady happy. Also at the end Alfie was still alive but with a different owner. I would recommend to a friend because Alfie had a different owner but she had children that also looked after him so it was a happy ending. It was a good book.

06 Aug 2020

This is a good story

02 Aug 2020

I liked Mr Hoppy best

I would recommend it because of the ingenious tortoise grabber

02 Aug 2020

I liked it because it was funny. My favourite character was Alfie the tortoise. I liked the ending.

31 Jul 2020

I loved this book . I recommend this book because it is funny and good

31 Jul 2020

I thought this book was a bit silly because Mrs Silver wanted Alfie's tortoise to grow and Mr Hoppy changed the tortoise every week. My favourite characters were Alfie and Mrs Silver. I would recommend it to anyone who likes funny and silly books.

25 Jul 2020

It was the best story in the universe.

23 Jul 2020

I liked it when he buys loads of tortoises.

23 Jul 2020

Guess what! It's a story in a story! It's Esio trot and the magic finger together! So if you want to read the magic finger and you don't have the book only Esio trot just look at the end of the book! And how cheeky is that man!? He is also in love with a ladie who shares HER love on a tortoise

17 Jul 2020

It was Fiction and I liked the most was alfie the tiny tortise and it in instrested me beacause Mr hoppy kept on changing tortises by two more than alfie,I could recommend this book for 7 or 8.

16 Jul 2020

I liked Mr Hoppy the best because I did not think anyone could have such a crazy idea.I would reccomend it for ages 7 to 8.

15 Jul 2020

I like that a man made a lady love him by making her tortoise grow.
I’d recommend this book to my friends and family.

15 Jul 2020

I thought it was quite funny.
My thoughts is that there were so many turtles.
My favourite character is Mr Hoppy.
It interested me when Esio Trot grew fat.
I would recommend it to my friends.

14 Jul 2020

I like Alfie the turtle mr hoppy lived in a small flat mr hoppy there was two loves in mr hoppy life mr hoppy second love was a secret mr hoppy sent a letter to mrs silver mrs silver went to work and the Alfie the turtle went to mr hoppy

14 Jul 2020

I liked it because it was funny

11 Jul 2020

This was a very good book by Roald Dahl. Nice and short too. It was a very good book because it could happen and I like things like that, and the mythical too. I only rate it 4/5 because I felt sorry for the real Alfie because he had a nice owner and a nice routine until he gets picked up and is returned to the pet shop. The good parts were hilarious and interesting.
“Why, is just so happens I DO know how to make tortoises grow - If that’s what you REALLY want.”
Mr Hoppy is jealous of a little tortoise called Alfie whose owner: Miss Silver, he likes. So one day, he builds something he claims to be, “A Tortoise Catcher,” which he picks Alfie with and puts a bigger tortoise on Miss Silver’s balcony each week until he gets what he aimed for.

09 Jul 2020

I loved it! My favourite part was when Mrs Silver thought Alfie had grown twice the size when he hadn't!

04 Jul 2020

I think this book was good because a man was helping a lady's tortoise grow my favourite character was lfie

30 Jun 2020

It was a really good book that made me smile.
It was funny when he kept changing the tortoises.

29 Jun 2020

It was good, I like it when Mr Hoppy bought the turtles.

29 Jun 2020

This book was quite amusing to me and I like the tactic they have used in the writing

28 Jun 2020

It was amazing because it was about jealousy with a man and a tortoise.
My favorite character was the tortoise because he got cared very well.
It interested me because it was clever of that man tricking that woman.

27 Jun 2020

I like Mr Hoppy and I would recommend it to my Grandad and everyone else!

25 Jun 2020

The person I liked the best was Mr Hoppy because he tricked Ms Silver and her tortoise.Ms Silver's tortoise wasn't growing so he made up his own magic words and gave them to say to her tortoise and then at the end the tortoise was too big so he gave his own magic words to make them smaller.I would recommend this book to a child who is over age 8+ and who likes to learn how to trick people to do something.

25 Jun 2020

I thought the tortoise was very funny. I would recommend this book and would read it again.

15 Jun 2020

I liked the thought of the author roald Dahl.I love this book.

15 Jun 2020

It was a fiction book. My favourite character was Mrs Silver because she is very kind a beautiful lady and has a tortoise called Esio Trot. I would recommend it to someone who likes books about animals.

14 Jun 2020

It was very good. Esio trot is tortoise backwards

14 Jun 2020

I liked Miss silver because she loves animals like the turtle and what interested me is when she fell for the magic and she believed that he kept growing and I loved the part when it showed what happened to the turtles bit by bit every day.I would totally recommend it to all my classmates

13 Jun 2020


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