Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew

Let Me Tell You About A Man I Knew by Susan Fletcher

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By Susan Fletcher

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A tender and savage novel narrated by the wife of the doctor who tended van Gogh in his last, madly frenetic painting years.


10 Apr 2018


A beautifully written and described novel about a middle aged woman Jeanne and what happens when she meets Van Gogh.

Previously stuck in a rut, not really truly understanding her husband, her life changes when she meet the latest patient at the mental hospital her husband works at - Vincent.

This book never has action to a large extent, is slow, calm and restful but I don’t dislike this book for it, but I found it hard to get into and it took me a couple of months to finish.

So although I love art and Van Gogh’s story I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it unless it’s your sort of story, it just wasn’t for me I’m afraid.

31 Oct 2017


Our reading group loved this beautifully written novel about the imagined life of the wife of the warden at the asylum where Vincent van Gough was a patient. She comes to know the painter during his stay there in spite of being forbidden to have any contact with him and the story is as much about the restrictions on HER life and her relationship with her controlling husband as it is about her relationship with van Gough. If you want a story about the artist then this isn't it, but if you enjoy a well written story, and this one is as vivid as one of van Gough's paintings, then we can recommend it.

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