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Werewolf Club Rules!: and other poems

Werewolf Club Rules!: and other poems by Joseph Coelho

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By Joseph Coelho

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Read the thrilling debut from the multi-award winning Waterstones Children’s Laureate 2022-2024 Joseph Coelho.

Do not talk about Werewolf Club! You can howl about it But never talk. Do not walk to Werewolf Club! You can bound to it in moonlight But never walk. Find out the mysterious rules of Werewolf Club, how to look like a rainbow, what happens when puppies fall in love – and how to fold up your gran! This is an exciting debut poetry collection from a young poet who is already performing his work successfully at venues across the UK.


28 Dec 2022

It was a good book about poems

02 Aug 2022

I really enjoyed 'dipping in and out' of this book. The poems are fun and engaging. I would recommend this to a child who doesnt lkke reading for long periods.

24 Aug 2021

I found some of the poems inside this book very funny. My favorite poem was Puppy Love.

17 Jul 2021

This book is quite interesting because it has wide range of different poems which have nothing to do with werewolves!
I would recommend this book to people who like poetry.

26 Feb 2021

A nice short collection of poems.

23 Feb 2021

This book is a collection of poems. I enjoyed it very much. My favourite poems are:

1) Kiss petals onto my eyes
2) You look like a rainbow
3) Bubble Writing
4) If all the world were paper

I would definitely recommend this book to my friends!

15 Aug 2019

It was fiction

07 Aug 2017

I think other children should read these poems because the poems are funny and I laughed alot!!!!

02 Dec 2016

Not so funny. But poems are really good.
Why only 3- because I dont like such kind of books. ;)

27 Jul 2016

Mummy had to help me read this book but I enjoyed it a lot!

10 Jul 2016

If you like poems you should read this book as it has very interesting poems.

06 Jul 2016

50 FUNNY POEMS ALL IN ONE PLACE. Im gonna try using some of the excuses in the poem - School tomorrow excuses for mum, so I don't have to go back to school after the summer :)

02 Sep 2015

Read this book if you like poems.🎓

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