A Whisper of Wolves

A Whisper of Wolves by Kris Humphrey

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By Kris Humphrey

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When hunters from her village disappear without a trace, Alice suspects that something sinister is at work and Storm, her wolf companion, has heard rumours of shape-shifters on the prowl. It’s up to Alice and Storm to stop the Narlaw before they destroy the village.


26 Aug 2019


17 Jul 2018

a book full of adventure about humans and there animal companions

16 Jul 2018

I really hope that the Narlaw are defeated forever. I think Storm is my favourite.

30 Jan 2017

It is such a great book, if you want to read the next book it is called Warning cry.

23 Jul 2016

You should definitely read this book because it is different to other books. The storyline, the characters, the villain everything is different -in a good way-. Want to see for yourself go to your local library and read!

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