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The Mountain Can Wait

The Mountain Can Wait by Sarah Leipciger, and Robert Petkoff

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By Sarah Leipciger, and and, Robert Petkoff

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For fans of Brokeback Mountain and Legend of a Suicide, a story of a father’s attempt to save his wayward son


05 Aug 2015

Greatpark readers were fortunate enough to receive copies of this read.
At our review unfortunately the bool recieved poor scores with the majority either struggling to finish the story or the few who did thought it hard work.
Initially the first chapter or so we all found ourselves looking forward to getting stuck in as the storyline regarding the girl being knocked over etc hooked us all in. However that was where it stopped. We felt like the story lost its mojo and point and went too far off track.
I do hope to retry finishing this book in the near future but the general concensus was that it was hard going and did not give us anything to relate to nor inspire and keep us hooked. Disappointing.

26 May 2015

[email protected]

I belong to the Blackheath Library reading group -

I found the book a great read. the characters were full of interest. I cared so much about what happened to them. the setting took me away from London to life in its vivid detailed descriptions of some to the remoter areas of Vancouver Island. I feel totally immersed in the life out there.

On Friday 22nd May our reading group met author Sarah Leipciger and Elizabeth from the publishers for afternoon tea at Beas of Bloomsbury - St Paul's branch

It was lovely to hear Sarah talking about her own experiences of such a life. I thought it was very interesting hearing Sarah talking about how she became so involved with her holiday job on Vancouver Island and how she had had a reunion with her college friends for the first time after twenty years

Gillian Stewart

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