The Kelly Sisters

The Kelly Sisters by Maureen Lee

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By Maureen Lee

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Sunday Times bestseller Maureen Lee returns with this heart-warming tale of three sisters striking out in the roaring twenties.


12 Sep 2015

I thought this book was very disappointing. It is the first of her books I have read and am not tempted to read any more by this author. I only finished the book because I had to review it. I found the story far fetched and unbelievable and the style of writing very childish and simplistic.

03 Sep 2015

St Regulus AJ

A dishonest solicitor father precipitates a sudden move from his familiy's native Dublin. His three young daughters prepare to settle in Liverpool but find themselves orphans on a boat to New York. The story unravels as they adapt to this new home and culture and, although sisters, their approach to life is quite individual. Events take their lives in such different directions but the strength of the family always draws them back together.

Cover illustration is frustrating. Girls were much older than those illustrated and the lifebelt of a ship from Portsmouth?

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