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Still Alice

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

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By Lisa Genova

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A moving story of a woman with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, now a major Academy Award-winning film starring Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart.


13 Nov 2018


REVIEWS - Still Alice by Lisa Genova

The Book is Informative & educative. It’s easy for me to identify with the main character, especially as mother developed dementia in later life. The book is written with love and compassion two important elements to life.

A well written book which deals with a difficult subject brilliantly. It gives an insight into the mind of the person who has the disease Alzheimer’s and what it must feel like as well as the impact on those who are close to.


25 Aug 2015

I loved it.
It was an audiobook
Finished 24.08.15

05 Jun 2015

Wonderful and sad. Thought provoking loved it and am keeping it to read again told all my friends on facebook

12 Apr 2015

I thought this was an excellent book. I have worked with students who have dementia and it was fascinating to see the viewpoint from the patient.

It was very moving and gave me an insight into what dementia can do to a family.

Will look now at seeing the film

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