Moone Boy: The Blunder Years

Moone Boy: The Blunder Years by Chris O'Dowd (Author), and Nick Vincent Murphy (Author)

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By Chris O'Dowd (Author), and and, Nick Vincent Murphy (Author)

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The first book in a very funny illustrated-fiction series from the award-winning Bridesmaids and The IT Crowd actor Chris O’Dowd and his long-term friend and Moone Boy TV-scriptwriting collaborator Nick Vincent Murphy. For fans of Wimpy Kid and David Walliams.


12 Aug 2020

This is a good book... Try to guess what ifs are!!!

04 Aug 2020

it was a slow starting book but right at the end it was interesting

28 Jul 2020

It’s ok

26 Jun 2020

I think this a very good story about imaginary friends I recommend it to anyone who enjoys humour

10 Aug 2019

funny book

05 Aug 2018

Funny and imaginative but rather inappropriate.
Age 11+

07 Jul 2018

This Book Can Be Described In One Word HILARIOUS!!!!

29 Jan 2016

The book is very funny and a am going to get the second one; Moone boy and the fish detective!!!!

19 Aug 2015

Moone boy is a good book for 12 to 14, its about a boy that's in a house full of sisters and a mum, he is tired of bassicaly being the only boy so he thinks of getting an imaginary friend so over night an imaginary friend

17 Aug 2015

You should read this book because it's funny and it's fiction

17 Aug 2015

At first martin has a really crazy imaginary friend and martin has a family full of sisters and they really annoy him!

08 Aug 2015

fun and very attractive

22 Jul 2015

Moone Boy is a funny book which is worth reading. It is about a boy called Martin who needs a wingman in a family full of girls. When his best friend suggests getting an imaginary friend to help him he thinks it will be a great idea, but he soon finds out that it won't be as easy as it seems...

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