The Dinosaur That Pooped A Lot!

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Lot! by Tom Fletcher, and Dougie Poynter

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By Tom Fletcher, and and, Dougie Poynter

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A special little World Book Day book from the creators of The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet!, in which, Danny and Dinosaur remember their previous adventures.


08 Sep 2020

I laughed lots and lots. I love dinosaurs and would like one as a pet.

01 Sep 2020

Really funny

17 Aug 2020

What I liked about the book is when they thought alot.

20 Jul 2020

this made me laugh

08 Jun 2020

I liked the bit about the book where  they imagined themselves in space. My favourite bit was when the dinosaur pooped.  My favourite character was the dinosaur. 5/10.

02 Sep 2019

I liked this book because it has a dinosaur in it and Danny the little boy. It has little bits of all the different stories in it. I would recommend this book to other children.

12 Aug 2019

I loved the dinosaur he was really funny because he pooped

26 Aug 2018

Read at school. He said the dinosaur was always hungry and had to poop a lot!

05 Sep 2017

I liked it when they time travelled.

11 Feb 2017

It is very funny and I like this book. like it when the dinosaur poops and wears pants at then end.

27 Aug 2016

I liked it when Danny and Dinosaur were thinking of the times that they had fun.

23 Aug 2016

I love this book this book is so funny

26 Jul 2016

i like the book because it involves POOP and its really funny!

06 Jul 2016

I just like books with dinosaurs and I really like the end of this one

11 Aug 2015

I liked it when the dinosaur pooped over the Earth.😛

16 Jun 2015

The Dinosaur pooped the boy to another planet and back and they had adventures on the way.

21 Mar 2015

Very funny.

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