The Astounding Broccoli Boy

The Astounding Broccoli Boy by Frank Cottrell Boyce, and Steven Lenton

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By Frank Cottrell Boyce, and and, Steven Lenton

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Green by day, hero by night – a funny, fast-paced, fantastic adventure from the Carnegie Medal-winning Frank Cottrell Boyce, featuring wonderful cover artwork from Steven Lenton.


31 Oct 2020

You’d have thought this book was written in 2020! It wasn’t, but if you haven’t ever read this book, do read it now. Memorable characters and story masterfully written by Frank Cotterell- Boyce are enhanced by charming illustrations by Steven Lenton. 📚❤️🌟

17 Oct 2020

This was very adventourous and fun to read

28 Aug 2020

This is a strange story with lots of interesting characters.

18 Aug 2020

It’s about a boy abd two others that turn green and go on superhero adventures . Would recommend as it’s funny

11 Aug 2020

This is a very funny book, my favourite bit is the penguins in London. I would recommend it to children aged 8-12.

19 Jul 2020

I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it as it was funny.

04 Jul 2020

This book was funny. My favourite character was Rory Rooney.

25 Jul 2019

I like Frank Cottrell Boyce's humour but it has just enough silliness to make it a wonderful read. My favourite character was Tommy-Lee Kommisky because he's really funny.

27 Aug 2018

This was a great book . I would recommend this book for ages 8+ as it is a bit to complicated for young people. When a ordinary boy turns green, he discovers he has superpowers but can he and his 2 friends (Who are also green) save Christmas from the terrible disease of the Killer Kittens.

19 Aug 2018

I loved this book! It is probably one of my favourites. My favourite characters were the penguins as they were Hilarious!!! I would definitely recommend his book to some else who likes superheroes. It was brilliant!!!

17 Jul 2018

It is so good you need to read ir

16 Jul 2018

I love this book because it is described with so much detail. The author has used so much imagination in this book and it is quite adventurous which is what I like about books.

23 Dec 2017

I found this book very funny and a good story

25 Aug 2017

I loved this book because it's full of adventure! There's maybe broccoli children as well...

23 Aug 2017

While this story is very inventive and fun, I became bored a bit through the middle.

22 Aug 2017

This book is great if you like action. It doesn't waffle on or have too much description in it.
Sometimes it gets a bit too unrealistic but apart from that it's a great book.

22 Aug 2017

It was really funny and I liked the bit where he started to go out every night and came back really early. The characters personality was really good and they where all different and all had there own attitude.

19 Aug 2017

I like it because, (it's a bit dangerous) he stands on the edge of buildings!
It's thrilling. It's funny.
And there was a bit when the Doctor said, "when I say don't panic, everyone panics!"... I love that!
I like the penguins.

15 Aug 2017

I liked this book a lot and even when it was 394 pages long, I finishes it in two days. I would recommend this book to 9-13yr olds. It is about a boy, Rory who's bully,Tommy-lee tortures him at school. When Tommy-lee has a severe 'so-called' nut allergy and Rory gets pushed in to the lake, the two surprisingly meet at a hospital find out that they are a broccoli shade of green! So when they decide that they are superheroes, they escape from the ward and have heroic adventures every night. But soon they are responsible for the whole of Londen but this leads to a mysterious friendship...

15 Aug 2017

really good book

14 Aug 2017

This book is really good because it has some really funny bits in it. It tells you about these children who suddenly turn green. I would recommend this book to 8 and over.

13 Aug 2017

Funny and adventurous

10 Aug 2017

If u like green then read it

08 Aug 2017

it uses very powerful words, including verbs and adjectives.

03 Aug 2017

i like how Rooney didn't know that the bully had a serious allergy of nuts and nearly killed him

03 Aug 2017

Not what I expected at all! It was great!

03 Aug 2017

This book is great
Its adventures and fun to read
Although it is rather long it doesn't let you get bored as it's funny and always on the move

03 Aug 2017

I loved this book! If you like superheroes and a mystery of why someone went green this is the book for you!

28 Jul 2017

Very exciting

27 Jul 2017

It was a bit boring.

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