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Apple and Rain

Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan

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By Sarah Crossan

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16 Aug 2022

This is a book about family dynamics and how relationships develop. Apple lives with her grandmother after her mother leaves to become an actress in the US, but then her mother returns and everything changes ... Apple is a fallible, believable narrator, who learns from her mistakes and matures as the story unfolds. 'Apple and Rain' is a great read for any teenager (probably more appealing for girls), but there is some alcohol use in it, so might not be suitable for Y7/8, depending on the reader.

06 Aug 2022

I thought it was a brilliant book by Sarah Crossan because it shows us about the hardships Apple faces and that there are more people facing worse situations.
My favorite character would be the grandmother because she cares about Apple too much and has to hold the responsibility of her even when her mum came back. She loved Apple like her own but as Apple left her for a woman she barely knew, she didn't stop worrying and caring for Apple like her own.
Yes, I would recommend it to someone else.

26 Jul 2022

Apple and rain is a fiction book set in the real world about a 14-year-old girl called apple whose mother went to America when she was 3. Now her mother has come back but she isn't as amazing as Apple thought she would be. This is a story about love, family and poetry which I really enjoyed.

13 Oct 2021

If you are a reader who enjoys something easy, relatable and feels close to home, then this is for you.

It's close to the style and conventions of a Jacqueline Wilson novel, but it still feels fundamentally British. It provides an accessible insight for young people to consider how closely home and school life can be related, as well as how to navigate friendship problems, unrequited love and signs of unsettlement in yourself and those around you.
The depiction of the English teacher that inspires Apple is a nice presentation, as sometimes English faculty members can be depicted in fiction as highfalutin or routinely boring. He works from the students' thoughts and lets that anchor the exploration of texts. Always the best way to go!

Would recommend for my students, if only for an easy read and as a gateway to discuss issues of wellbeing and safety

19 Jul 2021

Very good

15 Jul 2021

It was a really good book and had an amazing plot. I would definitely recommend this to children ages 10 and up since it tells you about different lifestyles of how people live. The characters are well though through and develop the plot to become more interesting and create more tension. It is a fiction book and the person I liked the best would have to be Apple. Apple is the main character and faces many problematic challenges which she has to overcome and also gets some unexpected news. So if your looking for an interesting book about love and challenges, Read this amazing book!

15 Sep 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this book about a dysfunctional family - two sisters largely neglected, both physically and emotionally, by their mother. Apple, a young teen, has to take on more responsibility than she should and I admire the way she continues to care for both her sister and mother despite everything that life throws at her at home and school. Meanwhile she finds a voice through poetry with the encouragement of an inspiring teacher and first love with Del who accepts her for who she is. I would definitely recommend it as it raises a lot of issues in a very accessible and engaging way.

06 Sep 2020

Apple and rain by Sarah Crossan

This is a book about a girl called Apple who’s mum left her when she was only 3 years old to go to America and be on the stage. When Apple’s mum returns after 11 years of no contact, the 14 year old is expected to decide between her Nana, who raised her the entire time her mum had abandoned her, and Annie her mum who also has a young child who is apparently Apple’s younger sister to throw into the mix. When Rain goes missing, it is up to Apple and a new found friend to find her while Annie is irresponsibly gone. All of this is happening while Apple’s whole life comes crashing down around her and with no one she feels she can turn to, what can she do?

I would personally give this book 5 / 5 because the style of writing was immaculate - Sarah Crossan drew you into the story and you experienced all the emotions that both Apple and Rain feel throughout the book. It is such a good book that I could not put it down and read it in one sitting!

I would highly recommend this book to Year 7 and above because there is mild / moderate mature themes and some mild swearing involved.

24 Aug 2020


11 Aug 2019

This is a wonderful book. It has a great plot, and the characters feel so real. I love Sarah Crossan's books, they are brilliant. This book made me feel happy and sad and angry and excited all at the same time, I would definitely recommend it to anybody who loves an emotional book.

01 Jul 2019

Generally, a great book. Good plot and structure, like any other teenage drama.
My favourite character is Apple's nan, who is sensible and a great baker.

10 Aug 2017


24 Jul 2017

I loved this this book. The begging is when she is sad with her nan then she also isn't happy with her mum and there's no chance she going to her dad and her weirdo sister is kinda creepy

22 Jul 2017

I really liked this one I liked how she wasn't happy with her nan but wasn't happy with her mum either and rain thinking her toy was real was really strange

15 Aug 2016

Such a good book about showing you that even if parents or grandparents are strict they still love you so so much! Definitely recommend to any of my friends and family! Everyone will love it.

15 Aug 2016

I think this book was really interesting, moving and I was sad to finish reading it!

29 Jul 2016

this book is amazing but has some sad parts in it

20 Jul 2016

Good book but was a bit slow. But the slowness showed how the story would might feel in real life.

16 Jul 2016

I think that "Apple and Rain" is a great book and I ordered it after reading another of Sarah Crossan's novels: One. Apple and Rain is about a girl who lives with her nan, and suddenly her mum, who she hasn't seen for 11 years, turns up out of the blue. I really enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it to readers ages 10 and over.

30 Oct 2015

Gripping read.

03 Sep 2015

When Apple's mum leaves, she thinks that it is a disaster yet when she comes back she realises all the back story and dislikes her mum more than she has ever done. After leaving her nan's house because she made Apple look too babyish, she quickly learns the reason of why her nan wanted to protect her so much. She soon moves back in with her nan and ends up falling in love whith her nans next door neighbour!

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