War Horse

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, and

By Michael Morpurgo, and and,

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20 Jun 2019

A good book and touching story but took me ages to clarify words. Read if you are 11+.

19 May 2019

My son was reading this book in his primary school and so I started to read it too so we can talk about it. We enjoyed our conversations. There are some sad parts but also some very courageous themes. We loved this book.

06 Jan 2019

I liked Albert because he was helping joey and never gives up on joey and cares for him and loves him.it interested me because are topic was about ww1 so I wanted a ww1 book and it was a very good book. I would recommend it to 12+ because it has death and it has lots of death in it and little kids might not like it.

01 Jan 2019

this book was amazing and full of lots of real life scenarios and a horses perspective on how life was like for them at war

26 Oct 2018


03 Sep 2018

I liked the horses the best

20 Aug 2018

Loved it

15 Aug 2018

Yes it was a realy good book to read and i enjoyed every bot of the book.

08 Aug 2018

Touching and very emotional ,definitely for 8+

01 Aug 2018

i loved this book

03 Jul 2018

It was sad and I would recommend this book to people who are interested in the First Workd War.

13 May 2018

Amazing but sad at the same time.

10 Mar 2018

Heart breaking story of a horse. Filled with love.

03 Jan 2018

This book is really good because you are reading from a horses perspective. You know what is happening inside the horses head and what he is thinking.
He makes bond with humans and then goes of to war with the Germans and sees his captain die.

08 Oct 2017

Great book for everyone to read ! . . .

31 Aug 2017

I think you should read this book when your older because it's a bit emotional

29 Aug 2017

Easy to read and enjoyable. You wanted to find out what happens!

29 Aug 2017

The battles in this book kept me wanting to read until the end. I also loved the horses adventures and the way you go on a journey with the horse until the end.

29 Aug 2017

its a great book but also can be sad

29 Aug 2017

This is an amazing book that has a sequel of farm boy all the characters are the same but the beginning is the same as farm boy the end is much different

28 Aug 2017

This book is a bit sad

25 Aug 2017

A brilliant book based on one horse called Joey and the World War.

23 Aug 2017

It is very exiting and by Michael Morpurgo one of my favourite authors.

22 Aug 2017

It's the most emotional book I have ever read.

22 Aug 2017


21 Aug 2017

Spookky and sad

21 Aug 2017

War Horse Was a great book,i am giving it 5 out of 5 because i thoroughly enjoyed It. i think it had alot of emotions in it and i never got boring , Michael Morpurgo is one of my favourite authors and i have to say this must be one of his best . i did find it sad at one point but i think it had a good ending .

17 Aug 2017

War horse is the beautiful story of the friendship of a horse and a man. When just a small fawn, he is sent to the war separated from his owner who he loves. The sad tale of love and loss leaves you feeling happy and sad. War Horse is perfect for fans Of Caltain by Sam Angus and also any fans of Michael Morpurgo.
I thoroughly enjoyed the history and the beautiful story in War Horse and others will too Boy or girl!

17 Aug 2017

It's about a young farm horse who becomes a national hero, he meets a large war horse and they go threw every battle every attack every bombing together until the day comes when he passes away. I recommend this book to the ages between 10-15. My favourite part was when he met the young girl on the farm and take care of the horse and his good friend until the army comes and takes them away from the farm. I didn't like when the black male died it was really sad it also brings a tear to your eye.

17 Aug 2017

Amazing book, but lots of pain and sadness. Its a must read.

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