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War Horse

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, and

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By Michael Morpurgo, and and,

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17 Apr 2021

AMAZING! Just amazing. It is very sad and I cried at the last bit but that is what makes this book so good! Albert is my favourite character because he cared for Joey even through the darkest times of his life, and even though Albert was not there to support him through war Joey always kept him in mind.
Happy reading

12 Mar 2021


The actual story based on a horse’s life during the First World War.Although a very short story the emotion that this account gives is really heart wrenching.Although there is a very hopeful and happy ending to the story.

22 Jan 2021

war horse me as a michael morpurgo fan i love da book amazing i really recommend it

10 Jan 2021

So amazing. Joey the survivor. So emotional and sad that it breaks your heart.

17 Dec 2020

Enjoyed reading this!

11 Dec 2020

I like the book. I like Joey and Zoey, the horses.

09 Dec 2020

This book is fun because the book is from an animals perspective.

04 Dec 2020

I thought it was very good because it retold the story of what it was like for a horse in the war.

01 Dec 2020

Very good I have read it for my homework on world war 2

16 Sep 2020

It was a good book, it was quite short.
It was in the first person of the horse.
I would recommend it to other year 7s because you learn lots about other parts of the war that aren't ever mentioned.

11 Sep 2020

An amazing book I absolutely love it

09 Sep 2020

My favourite character was Joey.I liked it because Joey always got better or won. I would recommend it.

06 Sep 2020

i love it

03 Sep 2020

It's based on a true story from the perspective of Joey the horse.
It had lots of facts about the war.
I think this is a good book to read.

02 Sep 2020

my thoughts of this book is ok

my favourite character is the horse it is a nice horse and i think i would like it as my pet

31 Aug 2020

I love this book it’s about joey the horse a man bought him from the marker and took him to his farm where he met Albert the boy and they be best friend and he met Zoe the old horse Albert trained him but one day his dad sell joey go to war and he see all the soldier fighting in the end the German gave joey the horse to Emily grandad but Albert found him and followed him to France and then he brought him home

31 Aug 2020

Very detailed and a very exciting story and you always want to now what happens next.

31 Aug 2020

I have really enjoyed this book. It is very interesting and good to read.

25 Aug 2020

I liked that there was lots of twists in the tail.

22 Aug 2020

This story is about the world war and a horse who survives lots of events.

20 Aug 2020

It was an adventurous journey throughout the book and I loved every page and minute of it .an amazing horse that seems like he can live forever I could read it all again. It’s sad but intriguing as well.

20 Aug 2020

A heart-felt story about Joey, a working horse bought from an English farm during the First World War and moved to France to help the war effort.

Wonderfully written (as all Morpurgo stories are) although I wasn’t compelled to continue reading as I was with Kensuke’s Kingdom.

19 Aug 2020

This book was really good. Emille was my favourite character because she was caring. I would recommend this book.

19 Aug 2020

The book I have been reading is War Horse. The author of War Horse is Michael Morpurgo. This book is about a horses journey through World War 1. The story is told through the eyes of a horse. My favourite part is when Albert (the person who bought the horse) found Joey (the horse) at the end just as he was talking about Joey. I chose this book because Michael Morpurgo is my favourite author. I rate this book 5 stars.

19 Aug 2020

a brilliant book

13 Aug 2020

I found it really sad when Albert lost Joey. I was scared for Joey during the fights but glad he came home safely

13 Aug 2020

I liked it because although it was sad but it had a happy ending!

10 Aug 2020

I really enjoyed this book and even watched the movie adaptation of it!!
It is a really heartbreaking story about a young horse who has a connection with a farm boy called Albert. They are close friends until war breaks out and alberts father sells the horse, Joey, because he needs the money. Joey is passed from owner to owner and faces the war, loss and diseases. Can he get past these difficulties?? Read the book to find out!! This is a beautiful book, and I will recommend it to 9+ readers.

10 Aug 2020

I liked the general idea of the book because it is like black beauty. But I think it needs a bit more Excitement and action. If you are a horse lover this is a book for you

08 Aug 2020

Very sad and heartwarming

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