Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse

Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan, and

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It’s the last Friday before the winter holidays but Percy Jackson isn’t at school: he’s battling the fearsome Manticore (half human, half lion), which in itself isn’t ideal …but with Annabeth missing and the goddess of the hunt held captive, things get a whole lot more serious…


21 Sep 2020


06 Sep 2020

Third book in series.
Two hunters and two campers set out on a quest to save a goddess called Artemis and a half blood called Annabeth, from kidnappers who have taken them to Mount Tam, the mountain of despair. Percy joins them to form a quest party of five. The kidnappers are called the Titans and want a powerful half blood to kill a monster and burn its insides. This would cause the half-blood to become more powerful that the gods and would over throw the them, and the Titans would ruler everything.
This is an exciting fiction book and I recommend it.

03 Sep 2020

I like this book because Thalia is in it and I like Thalia.

01 Sep 2020

amazing book loved it

27 Aug 2020

A great book very intense hope they’ll make a movie

27 Aug 2020

This book is a perfect mix of modern day and mythology! As the book is written in the first person, you can understand Percy, the narrator and main character's, feelings and opinions more. As they are on their quest, go through real places in America, which makes it feel more real and like you are there, because they are places that you know.
Percy, Thalia, Grover and Annabeth have rescued 2 more half-bloods, Nico and Bianca di Angelo. They have no memory of their past or anything. After a fight, Annabeth is lost or dead, but Percy is determined to find her. Artemis, goddess of the hunt, is also in chains. The oracle makes a prediction, and so 5 hunters and half-bloods go to defeat the monster and rescue the goddess in chains and Annabeth.
This time the Oracle has predicted not all of them will survive.....

My favourite characters were Nico, Bianca and Annabeth. Annnabeth is a l, intelligent, funny and caring and is loyal to her friends. Nico is only ten years old, but he is more brave and powerful than he imagined. He seems innocent and just wants to keep his sister safe. Bianca is also a caring friend, who has looked after her brother for as long as she remembers.

25 Aug 2020

Love all the Percy Jackson Books the stories and characters keep me reading and looking forward to the next in the series

19 Aug 2020


18 Aug 2020

Fun adventurous never dull tiny bit scary

17 Aug 2020

I would defiantly recommend this book, it is fantastic. It is really good because the story is exciting.

16 Aug 2020


14 Aug 2020

My favourite character was blackjack the flying horse since he always helps Percy in times of stress and he helps him by travel since he is Pegasus.My favourite part of it was when they was fighting the helpers of Kronos such as Luke Castellan the son of Hermes and Atlas also known as the general is the person who holds up the sky .I would recommend it to people who know a lot about Greek mythology.

11 Aug 2020

I loved the cliff hanger where Nico ran away and Percy found out that he was one of the big three.

11 Aug 2020

I enjoyed the book sooooooooo much that I just couldn’t stop reading it.

10 Aug 2020

Great book it is fabulous. it has a lot of twist and turns . It is bravery , loyalty , friendship , care , dedication , argument , maidenhood and more. I would recommend to 10 - 14 years old

07 Aug 2020

It was a thrilling quest! There are a lot of unexpected twists.

06 Aug 2020

I thought it was awesome because they is so much action and mythical creatures.
I read that the general was Atlas who was Zoe's father.
My favourite person was Percy Jackson because he could control water.
Yes I would recommend to someone else so they can have good experience with it.

04 Aug 2020

I thought Blackjack was funny and it was very sad when Zöe died.

02 Aug 2020

I loved Artemis and Apollo as they were fun. I want to read the other Percy Jackson books soon. I would recommend it

28 Jul 2020

adventure, magic, history and loads of fun. All in one!

27 Jul 2020

This is one of the most interesting and hooking books ever. Packed with adventure, this is perfect mix of myth and facts.I would recommend this to elder readers

25 Jul 2020

This book was the best that I ever read.

23 Jul 2020

I love this book so much I would read over and over agian I would recomend this book if you like drama and adventure.

21 Jul 2020

A boy is a demigod

20 Jul 2020

I think that so far it is a brilliant book. One of my favourite characters was the cyclops named Tyson and another one was Athena, the goddess of wisdom. I would certainly recomend this book.

19 Jul 2020

I loved this book because it was very amusing because it was a legend and a fictional story all in one! The character I liked was Annabeth because she would always find a way to get out of the problem they would be in. I would recommend this book to people who like fighting and facts books.

19 Jul 2020

amazing book for adventure lovers like me. I like Percy

18 Jul 2020

It was good.

14 Jul 2020

Percy Jackson and the titans curse

04 Jul 2020

These Percy Jackson books are the best!

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