Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

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By Rick Riordan

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21 Sep 2020


13 Jun 2020

A very good sequel to the fist adventure

13 Jun 2020

A very good sequel to the fist adventure

09 Jun 2020

It was a funny and amazing book.

05 Jun 2020

I realy like this book as tyson turned out to be his half brother and he plays a key part in the final books of this series.

12 May 2020

I want to read them all

03 Sep 2019

It’s a page turner! I think Rick Riordan has written this book magically . Nearly every night I would sit on my dad’s chair reading this lovely book, thinking about what was happening and imagining I was there with all the characters. I give this 5!

16 Aug 2019

i loved it so much

14 Aug 2019

good story

12 Aug 2019

Epic, awesome!

05 Aug 2019

This book is absolutely amazing! Riordan has done a fantastic job of keeping the reader hooked!
I would definitely recommend this series to many.
I would put an age-rating of 10+.

19 Aug 2018


14 Jul 2018

It is an amazing book. It is a fictional book. My favourite character is either Annebeth Percy or Grover. They are all such interesting characters. Annebeth is so smart. Growers so funny. Percy is so adventurous. Together they make the best team ever. It intrested me because of it's amazing blurb. I would 100% recommend it. I love the book

08 Jan 2018

Never read any of these before now I can't get enough if them. Two for Christmas then two for my birthday. Fab!

03 Jan 2018

it's very exciting.

11 Sep 2017

This was an amazing second book in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordian.
I recommend this read to anyone who loves fantasy, myth, adventure and real-life all mushed together.

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It is based in a world where the Greek Gods are real and as powerful as ever.
Thank you for reading my review of Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters.

31 Aug 2017

Really good second in the series

30 Aug 2017

i loved this book!

21 Aug 2017

the author has a really good writing style and the books are always very dramatic and you don't want to stop reading.

20 Aug 2017

Amazing book!

17 Aug 2017

great book I love this on amazing if your into adventure stories your in for a treat this book is thrilling and adventurous you cant even put it down it is so good

05 Aug 2017

I would recommend Percy Jackson for all of the family on any occasion.

04 Aug 2017

I love this book and I like it at the ending since it was very thrilling

01 Aug 2017


27 Jul 2017

It is a great book to read because it gives you almost everything you need to know about Greek gods and Greek mythology. Also it is a great book. Everything is adventurous when you get into the middle of it. It took me two days to finish it and I loved it.

26 Jul 2017

I think this book has a geat touch of exitment and is a second book which really opens up the series and makes it exiting it just has to be read as a family as it is also full of humour.

22 Jul 2017

love it

08 Jul 2017

This book talks about Greek mythology and I find it quite interesting Moreover it can be seen as Roman mythology too.

07 Jul 2017


30 Jun 2017

The sea of monster is a really good twist for the story

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